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The impact of Kwai certification on businesses

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Kwai short video is the favorite product of mainstream users nowadays. , Kwai user active time also lengthened. . I myself will brush Kwai quickly. , After all, video is easy to spread , Strong visual impact , Audiences prefer . Where is the user's attention , Where are we going to do marketing , Besides official account, enterprise marketing , In fact, the flow of Kwai short video can also be focused on mining. .


If we want to do Kwai Fu marketing , You can open Kwai LAN. V authentication .

After opening the certification . Enterprises can use official identity , Publishing through content 、 User interaction 、 Marketing components and other forms to build the main position of brand communication .

Kwai LAN V benefits

1、 Unlimited current 、 No title , Friends who have done advertisements in fast hands should have experienced the situation of Kwai. , Made blue V After certification , It won't be limited or blocked , For long-term operating accounts , The role is crucial .

2、 There's a discount on sales promotion , You can buy traffic promotion on Kwai Tai. .

3、 Home page function permission , You can add one key to the phone in the Kwai's homepage. 、 Store address and other functions , Easy to get in touch with customers .

4、 Account verticality increases , You need to select a category when you are authenticating , You can choose by category , Increase the verticality of the account .

How to open ?

Kwai LAN V It's Kwai plus. V authentication , Open in enterprise certification . blue V All accounts are authenticated by ordinary accounts , The business license and 600 Yuan certification fee .

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