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Kwai certified Agent Service Commission

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Kwai LAN V The certification of first-class agents is generally applied for by companies with a very large amount of certification , For example, tens of thousands of orders per month , And have relevant qualifications . Ordinary individuals and small businesses can not directly cooperate with the Kwai Fu official. , So most of them find first-class agents , Cooperate with primary agents .


Apply for Kwai LAN V Does the agent charge ?

Cooperation Kwai LAN V The certification project is free from the Kwai's official point of view. , However, it is understood that many primary agents have their own relatively mature cooperation models , It depends on your choice and comparison .

Promoting Kwai LAN V How much commission will be returned for each certificate ?

Most of the commissions given to you by primary agents are actually very high , And many of them also end day , If you certify more, your commission will increase , But you have to ask if it's stepped , Is it a single return so high or 100 It's only when you're single or above that you get back so high , According to the official regulations, this rebate can not be used for the reduction or discount of certification fees , So when you choose to be a certification agent, you must ask clearly . In this way, I will be more psychological .

So for Kwai Kwai certification, we should not worry about the single volume of fast hand. , There is no doubt that the daily volume of Kwai Tong users is unquestionable. , And there are many Kwai Fu promotions. , So there is no need to worry about this piece , However, when choosing certification, we must choose an officially authorized service provider , There are many agents in the market now , It's also very confusing .

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