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How to promote tiktok in training industry

2021-08-31 22:11:22 Che Meiqi

As the market competition becomes more and more fierce , For training institutions, enrollment is becoming more and more difficult , Many training institutions in order to bring flow and smooth enrollment , Often carry out various marketing activities , For example, lottery 、 Assemble 、 seckill 、 Red envelopes and other marketing activities .

that , How should training institutions make marketing activities to achieve effective enrollment ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian !

One 、 What makes tiktok fire? ?

Does not take up too much user time , Let users feel stimulation 、 real 、 Interesting feeling , It's easy to make 、 The effect is cool , Let users have a strong sense of participation , These are the reasons why you tiktok can't stop. .    Two 、 Tiktok target users ?

According to the report released by Aurora big data last month , The age of tiktok is mainly distributed in the age of 20 to 29 Between the ages of , Percentage 60.7%, The proportion of users in the first and second tier cities reached 38.8%. With the increasing number of users , The user dimension will be more diversified , First and second tier cities 90、95 After the war, young people are no longer the main force , The target user group will be further expanded .

For our educational institutions 80% The group is young , Jitter tiktok fits this condition. !

3、 ... and 、  How to attract users ?

     Tiktok , You can't do without shooting , About shooting , There must be a script before each video is taken , And it's carefully designed .

Educational institutions may also try to record relevant videos in a fast-paced way . Such as : Show the results of trainees of training institutions , Drawing a picture 、 dance 、 dance 、 Model shows, etc ; Trainees of training institutions attend classes 、 Interesting interaction 、 Professional knowledge sharing, etc . Shoot with the clearest picture possible , The clearest picture .

Later try to add filters , To adjust the light , The texture of the picture . Or retro , Or nostalgia , Or fashion, etc . Different tone of video content with different filter effect can give people a dazzling feeling !

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