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What is the Kwai Fu business number after certification?

2021-08-31 22:11:48 Station master number

  Compared with personal accounts , Certified fast Kwai blue V There are many benefits in the future .


1、 Not suppressed by marketing rating : Kwai LAN V When publishing content, it will not be suppressed by the rating of advertising marketing .

2、 Explicit information : Become Kwai LAN V After that, it will be displayed in blue on the account V Identification and certification information , After authentication, others can no longer authenticate your name , The user's authenticated account is also more formal . You can also put a one click outbound call on your home page , Jump to web page links , There is also a merchant home page that can put merchant or promotion information , You can claim your own store , Give coupons 、 Credit coupons, etc .

3、 Content assist : Kwai LAN V There are smart clips 、 Select cases and other functions for content assistance , There is also the ability to find someone to shoot video to assist in communication .

4、 Operation assistance : Kwai LAN V Can do official matrix , There are child and parent accounts for background authorization , Directly operate multiple accounts with one account .

In fact, Kwai has more advantages for fast hand authentication. , It is really recommended that all businesses and enterprises can go to certification , I believe that many businesses and enterprises have spent a lot of manpower on promotion , material resources , financial , But there are many unsatisfactory results , So fast Kwai blue v Certification is low-cost customer acquisition marketing , It's still worth doing .

But everyone is choosing Kwai LAN. v When authenticating, you must choose an officially authorized service provider , Jutui media as an owner Officially authorized service provider company , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . For more information, please add our wechat jutui23, You can also make a phone call :010-86399611 Consultation .  



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