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How to make short videos in industrial products industry?

2021-08-31 22:12:23 Che Meiqi

How to carry out marketing around customers' purchase behavior ? We often say that promotion is very important , Why? ? Because if you don't promote it , In fact, others don't know what you're doing . How to promote it ?

The localization of regional marketing of industrial products is conducive to the production of enterprises 、 marketing 、 management 、 Personnel and other aspects of operation should be integrated into the economy of the host country in an all-round way , And integrate and root the corporate culture into the local culture . advantageous to 500 Strong enterprises reduce the high cost of sending personnel overseas and multinational operations , Integration with local social culture , Reduce the exclusion of foreign capital in local society . Conducive to the economic security of the host country , Increase employment opportunities .

Many industrial products businesses don't know how to shoot short videos , What do you shoot , So many videos of e-commerce of industrial products , Even Foundation 500 It can't break . In fact, these businesses think too much . You can simplify your thinking , Let me give you an example . What is the short video in tiktok? ? Actually, tiktok is a poster. , Highlight the pain points , welfare , Differentiation advantage , So we can sell the product . Coordination matrix and live broadcasting room , The speed of short video is very fast .

So video planning is very important , A good script planning can increase your video recommendation , Can make your product visible to more people .

So many small businesses don't have to worry about the weight , Trembling is still very tiktok for talented people. . As long as your video content is good , You can make a lot of money . But there is also a problem , That's the label . If your label is wrong , Put your video to a group of people who don't meet your label , Then don't say you can't sell products , It will have an impact on video data .

Therefore, industrial products tiktok demand can consult me. , Let me explain to you , After all, I can't explain it in such a short time

Of course , It's good for the account to have weight . For example, key words SEO, He'll show the data first , Certified video . meanwhile , The video you send will also be synced to your fans , Increase your conversion rate .

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