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How to make short videos in the garment industry?

2021-08-31 22:13:18 Che Meiqi

As an advantageous industry with international influence in China , The garment industry has formed from yarn production 、 Surface auxiliary material processing , To garment production, a series of mature garment production industrial chains . With the overall development of China's economy and the improvement of urbanization level , The quantity and quality of people's material needs have increased at the same time , The continuous upgrading of aesthetic requirements , So that clothing has become people's personal style symbol .

Fans' economic rise , It hides the functions of the product behind it , Let emotion rise to the first place , Realize rapid sales of goods . For the clothing industry , Trying to please consumers will become the key point , Build your own circle of friends , Multi directional interaction with consumers , Form consumer loyalty .

1、 Content orientation

Tiktok should be clear before you make your voice. , That is, what kind of content to do . Choose your own type and positioning , Then you're half done . Like clothing , It's usually a cross dressing tutorial 、 Street shooting and dressing teaching or red man implantation, etc , You can make a tiktok best street shot. , It doesn't need to be exquisite , But the content must be the most attractive , The visual impact of clothing categories is very strong , The upper body effect is clear at a glance .

2、 drainage

After content positioning is determined , We have to find a way to drain . On the trill , High quality content can get more traffic . But I want high traffic , Quality content alone is not enough , We also need to understand the characteristics of the platform , Understand the algorithm mechanism .

Platform recommendation principles , Forwarding volume > Comment quantity > Like , So we need to determine the direction of our efforts , Create high-quality videos with hot spots , We should also strive to maintain the user relationship with our friends , Let them forward actively 、 Comments and likes .

3. Funny stuff

While watching the cargo video , An interesting phenomenon has been found —— No tree without a bush , It was a short video with goods , But one of the inadvertent pictures , Users think it's fun , Having fun, they came to comment , give the thumbs-up .

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