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Insider: Western Digital is in-depth consultation with Kaixia on M & A, and an agreement can be reached as soon as mid September

2021-08-31 23:01:08 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , stay SK hynix 90 100 million dollars for Intel NAND The transaction of flash memory business is advancing step by step ,NAND The flash memory market pattern is expected to change again , People familiar with the matter said that Western Digital is in-depth consultation with Kaixia on M & A .


According to people familiar with the matter , The transaction scale of Western Digital's M & A of armor man , May exceed 200 Billion dollars , Western Digital will conduct M & a through stock .

People familiar with the matter also disclosed that , Merger and acquisition negotiation between Western Digital and armor man , It has suddenly warmed up in recent weeks , As soon as possible 9 An agreement was reached in mid June .

however , Western Digital and Kaixia have not reached a final M & a agreement , Whether the merger and acquisition between the two sides can be carried out is also variable , In the preparation IPO Armor man , May continue to advance IPO Matter , It is also possible to merge with other manufacturers .

Kaixia is spun off from Toshiba flash memory business , Western Digital has long been interested in this business . stay 2017 When Toshiba spun off its flash memory business in , Western Digital has made an offer , They are most willing to pay 182 Billion dollars , Acquire this business , But Toshiba refused .

In addition to the mergers and acquisitions disclosed by sources , Western Digital, armor man and its predecessor Toshiba flash memory , Have long-term cooperation , There are up to... On multiple projects 20 Years of cooperation , Currently in 3D NAND There are also joint ventures in the manufacturing of flash memory .

If Western Digital and Kaixia can reach an M & a agreement , M & A transactions are also going well , A company with a scale basically equivalent to that of Samsung Electronics will be born NAND Flash memory manufacturers .

Data display of research institutions , In the first quarter of this year , Samsung Electronics is in NAND The share of flash memory market is 33.5%, Is the largest manufacturer , Kaixia and Western Digital are the second and third largest suppliers respectively , The market share is 18.7%、14.7%, The combined share of the two companies is 33.4%, Just a little lower than Samsung Electronics .

And in the first quarter NAND Flash revenue , Samsung Electronics for 49.7 Billion dollars , Armor man for 27.76 Billion dollars , Western data is 21.75 Billion dollars , The combined revenue of the two companies is only slightly lower than that of Samsung Electronics .

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