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Death penalty“ The first instance of Wu Xieyu's mother killing case was publicly pronounced!

2021-08-31 23:10:47 Sogou wechat


2021 year 8 month 26 The morning of , Fuzhou intermediate people's Court of Fujian Province intentionally killed the defendant Wu Xieyu according to law 、 fraud 、 The first instance of the case of buying and selling identity documents will be announced publicly . The defendant Wu Xieyu committed intentional homicide 、 Crime of fraud 、 Crime of buying and selling identity documents , Combined punishment for several crimes , Decided to carry out the death penalty , Deprivation of political rights for life , And a fine of 100000 yuan .

The court found out by trial that : The defendant Wu Xieyu is pessimistic , Had suicidal thoughts , After his father died , Think mother Xie tianqin's life has lost its meaning , On 2015 The idea of killing Xie tianqin came into being in the first half of the year , And online shopping crime tools .2015 year 7 month 10 Japan 17 Time , Wu Xieyu took advantage of Xie tianqin's return home to change shoes , Hold the dumbbell bar and hit Xie tianqin on the head and face , Thank you for tianqin's death , And put sheets on the body 、 Plastic film, etc 75 Layer covering and activated carbon coating 、 Refrigerator deodorant . Later, Wu Xie Yu concealed the truth that Xie tianqin had been killed from his relatives and friends , Fictional Xie tianqin accompanied him to study abroad , With the cost of living 、 The tuition fees 、 Cheat relatives and friends for reasons such as financial proof 144 Ten thousand yuan to squander . To evade investigation , Wu Xieyu bought 10 The remaining ID cards , Used to hide identity .

The court said , The defendant Wu Xieyu intentionally and illegally deprived others of their lives , His act has constituted the crime of intentional homicide ; For the purpose of illegal possession , Conceal the truth , Fictitious fact , To defraud others of money , The amount is enormous , It has constituted a crime of fraud ; To evade criminal punishment , Buy ID cards , His behavior has constituted the crime of buying and selling identity documents , Should be punished in accordance with the law . Wu Xieyu committed the crime of intentional homicide , After a long premeditation 、 planning , Subjective malignancy is very deep , The means of crime are cruel . Wu Xieyu's killing of his mother is a serious violation of family relations , Trample on the normal emotions of human society , Extremely bad social impact , The crime is extremely serious . Although he truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after arriving at the case , But it's not enough to punish them lightly . So the above judgment was made . 

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