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Opportunities and future of live E-commerce

2021-08-31 23:44:31 TechWeb

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if 2016-2017 The year is the peak of economic dividends of Internet platforms , What followed was the long-term ceiling of the Internet platform economy , Revenue flow 、MAU/DAU、 The growth rate of multi-dimensional data such as registered users slowed down or even decreased . Many Internet companies have been unable to support their high valuation by relying on traditional business models and past businesses , Forced to transform or add additional empowerment to seek the second growth curve of the enterprise ; In this context , Content empowerment of traditional e-commerce has emerged , And the content platform to increase the combination of liquidity means , Live E-commerce .

One . The dilemma of content platform and traditional e-commerce

In the Internet industry , The content platform mainly includes long video 、 Short video 、 There are several forms of live broadcasting and games . Due to differences in product characteristics and thresholds , The first three have strong homogeneity , Be regarded as a kind of . This kind of content industry, especially the long video industry , Has its own congenital chronic disease . in general , That is, subject to the development of Internet platform ; Mainly reflected in two aspects , First, in terms of quantity , China's major long video platforms MAU The growth rate continued to be sluggish and even fell for a time . from 2019-2020 Year , The average monthly compound growth rate is less than 2%.               


The second is in price , Take a head video platform as an example , from 2018 Since then , Users' willingness to pay is difficult to maintain rapid growth , And in 2020 There was also a decline during the epidemic in . In contrast , Annualisation remains at 15% The above content cost production growth , And from 67.11% Rise to 93.92% Proportion of cost to revenue . The traditional payment and reward model is unsustainable , New means of realization are urgently needed .



On the traditional e-commerce side , The main problem is that the homogenization is too high , High customer acquisition cost caused by horizontal competition , Compare Alibaba 、 JD.COM 、 Vipshop, pinduoduo and other major e-commerce platforms saw significant growth in customer acquisition costs . And the traditional e-commerce model is difficult to make them stand out in the competition , Urgent content empowerment , To occupy more user hours , Enhance user stickiness .


Therefore, both content platforms and traditional e-commerce have chosen to get involved in live e-commerce , The former seeks more means of realization , It represents Xiaomang e-commerce with mango hypermedia 、 Tiktok and Kwai . The latter is to seek content empowerment for e-commerce business , Ali 、 JD.COM 、 Pinduoduo and other mainstream e-commerce platforms have been enabled with live content , They come together in different ways .

Two . Opportunities for live E-commerce

At first, live e-commerce was one of the means that Taobao tried to improve the conversion rate of brands on the platform , Similar group buying and short video , Since then, with the live broadcast, it has brought good transformation effect , The priority of its entry is gradually increased . Besides , The entry of the content platform brings new traffic to the live e-commerce , Tiktok user portrait is highly consistent with the consumer platform of Kwai Kong e-commerce platform. , The e-commerce platform can also make up for the lack of supply chain resources when the content platform is realized , The cooperation between the two sides is more in-depth , Bring opportunities for the vigorous development of live broadcast E-commerce .


The present , For live E-commerce , In the Internet industry, which has long been bloodied, it belongs to a relatively Blue Ocean region , from 2016 Years of , To 2019 It is still in an explosive period since ,2020 The overall transaction volume of live broadcast e-commerce exceeded 1 trillion yuan in , Year-on-year growth 200.4%, 10% of the total scale of online shopping 4.5%, It is predicted that the live broadcast e-commerce can achieve the overall online shopping 30% Level of left and right trading volume , This shows that there is more room for growth , It is expected to maintain a high growth trend in the next two years .


In terms of user subject , Number of independent devices for short video live broadcasting 2018 Year of 6.7 Million units steadily increased to 2020 Year of 9.1 One hundred million units , Penetration rate 65.7%, It is estimated that the space penetration rate of the industry can reach 90% about . The industry will 5 Peaked within the year , However, it is still in a period of rapid rise . Secondly, the payment ability and willingness of advertising subjects have continued to grow , Live e-commerce is an important means for consumer goods companies to advertise their own products , This will also take away part of the revenue originally belonging to advertising .



3、 ... and . Live broadcast of people and goods yard of e-commerce

For live E-commerce , Whether it is to discuss its business status or prospects , Can't do without people 、 cargo 、 There are three elements of the field .

The first is people , Divided by anchor , It can be divided into business self broadcast and talent live broadcast , The former is mainly shopping platform , Most of the anchors are self owned employees of stores or brands , The advantage is low cost , More live broadcasts , The disadvantage is the narrow flow , Low professionalism ; Da Ren's self broadcasting is that Da Ren gathers and sells all kinds of products in the live broadcasting room ( Including the situation that the merchant asks a third party to operate ), The advantages and disadvantages are basically opposite to those of business self broadcasting .

The Matthew effect of the anchor is obvious , The head anchor is very different from the shoulder anchor , It is even more different from the waist and tail anchor . But the top stream anchor is exposed and Far ahead in the strength of short-term transactions , But often more bargaining power .



The other refers to the user base and purchasing power , Tiktok 、 Example of Kwai Fu and other mainstream short video platforms , The advantage of tiktok is to occupy young users. , And the user group occupied the basic plate when the Kwai was sinking. . Get... From users 、 Retain 、 Realization angle , Tiktok Kwai sinks affect user community penetration including community attributes 、 Tonality of content 、 Commercialization ability, etc .

Users are divided into young users and young and middle-aged users , After summary and analysis , You can see , Jitter is the dominant position among young users in the three or four tiktok line. , Kwai's advantage is five and below. . From user Purchasing power perspective , The consumption power of middle-aged and young users in low line cities is stronger than that of middle-aged and young groups . As a whole , Facing the sinking market 4.5 100 million Internet users , The city's tiktok is better than the Kwai Fu. , Kwai Fu has private social interaction. + Features of public media products .


Then the goods , It includes two dimensions: brand occupancy rate and commodity richness . Broadly speaking , At present, the live broadcast has covered all industries , By contrast , Non standard products benefit more than standard products . Therefore, the strong category of live broadcast is wearing and makeup ( The former is longer than the number of live broadcasts and coverage traffic , The latter is longer than the conversion efficiency of direct broadcasting ). However, the growth of traditional non online commodities is also very strong , For example, home appliances, etc . The advantages of traditional categories will not be equalized in the short term , At the same time, most of the new categories are medium and high price non essential consumer goods , Therefore, the form and role of live broadcasting have also been updated .


Then take the main platform , Example Kwai tiktok . In the field of goods, it shows more Kwai Fu. , Tiktok pattern .2020 Kwai live broadcast GMV about 3800 One hundred million yuan , Tiktok live with the goods station GMV about 1500 One hundred million yuan . Considering the situation of the same category , Tiktok Kwai is below the jitter. , Kwai tiktok can be judged that the commodity richness of the fast platform is much higher than that of the shake hands. .

Compare short video platform with traditional e-commerce , Remove Weiya and Li Jiaqi from the list of goods brought by Taobao , Comparison of Taobao brand store broadcasting 、 Taobao anchor and Kwai anchor three carrier capacity . It's not hard to see. , Taobao brand store > Well quickly > TaoBao . Taobao has strong public domain traffic , In the past, Taobao brought goods and the brand store broadcasting currently focused on development are similar to Taobao's talent mode and brand store broadcasting mode . Taobao's delivery mode is switched from talent mode to brand mode , It will significantly increase the scale of live broadcasting on its platform .


Presence aspect , As each platform gradually reduces the live broadcasting threshold ( Such as the number of fans )、 Support of various policies and remarkable educational achievements in the market , More businesses display their products in a wider period of time and more scenes through mobile live broadcasting , Each content platform began to deepen the connection of public domain to private domain traffic , The main techniques include :1. Business flow : Xiaodiantong 、 Information flow and other buying promotion tools , Realize the connection between live e-commerce and public domain traffic ;2. In terms of traffic volume , Maintain the characteristics of private traffic and the principle of universal benefit ;3. Operation flow , The content platform is open to all e-commerce platforms , Maintain the grass planting characteristics of the platform , Realize long-term flow realization .

Four . Future and strategy of live broadcast E-commerce

Sum up , Live broadcast e-commerce has gradually become and will certainly become the standard configuration in the industry in the future , This will be true for both live broadcasting companies and e-commerce companies , The former increases the means of realization , The latter adds content AIDS , Will eventually meet . Live e-commerce can be traced back to 2016 Niantao e-commerce tries to sell goods in the live broadcasting room , The most recent is in 2020 At the end of the year, Zhang Xiaolong met Luo Yonghao , The outgoing micro signal takes the route of e-commerce with goods , This industry is only five years old , The youngest giant is less than a year old , It is a relatively blue ocean in the Internet industry .

After very frequent early product iterations , The major giants have slowed down the iteration frequency , Start deep cultivation and operation of community , To complete the loop , For now , The industry space is still large , Low monetization rate , Besides Kwai's private domain traffic is slightly heavier. , The stickiness of other users is uneven , There is a lot of room to improve the repurchase rate . Explore the e-commerce strategic path of these large companies , The common journey starts with high-frequency product iterations , Continuously revise and improve the calibration algorithm , If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first . Then go vertical classification first , Boutique route . Go back out of the circle , Domestic e-commerce in the same city , Cross border sea going , Its development direction is also gradually clear , That is, embrace the user's time and attention on the product side , On the content side, create young and high-quality content , On the ecological side , We will try our best to build a community , Realize traffic privatization .

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