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American retail investors are crazy about buying zhonggai shares! Weekly purchases soared to a five-year high

2021-08-31 23:44:34 TechWeb

The decadent zhonggai stock, which has been decadent for nearly half a year, has rebounded sharply recently , data display , Retail investors in the United States bought a record number of Chinese stocks in a week 5 The highest level in years , Among them, the inflow to Alibaba is the largest .

Research Institute Vanda Research A report released on Wednesday US Eastern time said , Over the past week , American retail investors' American depositary receipts for Chinese companies (ADR) Net purchases exceed 4 Billion dollars —— by 5 The highest in years , Reach... On Monday “ Pinnacle ”, Among them, Alibaba, an e-commerce giant, has the highest purchase volume . It is reported that , Of the Research Institute VandaTrack The Department monitored the United States 9000 Only stocks and ETF Retail trading activities .

According to the Vanda data , The purchase of Alibaba shares by American retail investors is more than twice that of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in the same period . Although Pfizer's new crown vaccine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday (FDA) Full approval of .

Vanda Pointed out that , To China ADR Our purchases have soared since last Friday , The buying momentum continued until Tuesday , And promote Jingdong and BiliBili and other stocks to rise sharply .

Vanda Analyst Pierre Anthony (Giacomo Pierantoni) Express , Since the stock began to callback , Retail investors have increased the intensity of bargain hunting .

in fact , Except retail investors , Institutions are also taking stock in substantial positions .“ Sister wood ” Casey • Wood ARK Flag Autonomous Technoloy&Robotics ETF Latest data , The fund bought Jingdong on Monday ADR( ADR ).

Besides ,Aberdeen Standard Investments Senior fund manager Hugh Young Said earlier this month , The fund has bought Tencent , And keep the positions of most other large technology stocks unchanged .

According to relevant media Statistics , Since last week , Has more than 50 Billion dollars into KraneShares Zhongyu Internet Index ETF(KWEB), This is also the highest inflow level since the establishment of the Fund . Although the fund has fallen as much as... This year 34%, But it still attracts 44 A billion dollars inflow .

Hong Kong's first Shanghai Securities strategist Linus Yip Express ,“ If investors want to hold Zhongyu shares 6 Months or more , Valuations look attractive .

Retail investors holding together stocks return

Vanda Research The data also shows , American retail investors bought more than on Tuesday 5600 Thousands of dollars in AMC Stocks , More than anything else meme The sum of net retail purchases of shares (400 Thousands of dollars ).AMC The share price closed up on Tuesday 20%, It continued to rise on Wednesday .

Although retail investors are right AMC Participation in stocks other than entertainment is not high , But the game station and other meme Stocks still rose sharply ,Vanda Research I think this is because institutions are beginning to participate .

“ Why other meme The stock will rise ? The obvious explanation is , Institutional investors are now more involved than in the first quarter meme field .”Vanda call .

Vanda The explanation is , Because institutional investors are meme The field has accumulated a large number of short positions , Once they see retail investors on AMC Your interest is rising , They'll pre empt the others meme Short positions in stocks .

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