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The world's first cloud native quantum chip design service cloud platform went online

2021-08-31 23:59:00 Hometown Cloud

Quantum computing is the world's hottest top technology , Chip design around quantum computing will also be the hot direction of the industry in the future .7 month 29 Japan , According to , Developed by Shanghai Kunfeng Quantum Technology Co., Ltd “ Kunsheng ” Quantum chip design service cloud platform Alpha The version has been officially launched recently .

 First in the world “ Cloud native ” Quantum chip design service cloud platform goes online

According to Kunfeng quantum ,“ Kunsheng ” It is a one-stop special software tool for quantum chip design created by Kunfeng quantum , It is also the first in the world “ Cloud native ” For quantum chip design automation (QDA) The platform of , It aims to provide instant on and use for practitioners in the field of quantum computing and quantum devices 、 Cloud based quantum chip design services .

Kunfeng quantum representation , In tradition EDA In the context of actively going to the cloud , Quantum chip design independently developed by Kunfeng (QDA) Software , Provide ready to use for quantum computing chip designers 、 WYSIWYG codeless cloud chip design environment ;“ Cloud native ” Architecture combined with modular design , Support system public cloud 、 Flexible deployment of private cloud , Ease users of building and managing their own high-performance computing and applications IT The burden of infrastructure ; Automation tools can effectively improve the design iteration speed of quantum chip designers .

“ Kunsheng ” Quantum chip design service platform currently provides a variety of quantum chip design processes . Designers can choose to start with the optical mask layout of the quantum chip , The equivalent circuit diagram of layout design is obtained by electromagnetic simulation , Then the equivalent circuit diagram is quantized and simulated , Thus, the main physical parameters corresponding to the chip design diagram are obtained . Designers can also choose to start from the abstract physical circuit diagram , Simulate the quantum system corresponding to the input physical circuit diagram , Analyze and calculate the corresponding quantum chip 、 Especially the key physical parameters including quantum bit information . Perfect automation process , Support users' understanding of quantum chips 、 In particular, the key parameters of qubit design are scanned 、 Analysis to find the optimal design parameters . For the design layout after the simulation , The platform also supports users to quickly download and export 、 Sharing and collaboration among team colleagues , Verify and further improve .


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