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How can the jewelry industry promote it on short videos?

2021-09-01 00:00:22 Che Meiqi

The rise of short video , Many enterprises have no special short video operation Department , For small and medium-sized enterprises, if a separate short video department is set up , The cost of investment is too high , It's not just money , Management is also a big problem , And it doesn't have to work .

therefore , Many enterprises will choose to find professional short video generation operation team , Help enterprises to carry out zero start .

One 、 Tiktok exposure

If the company wants to expose the tiktok users, , It's OK, too , After all, it is a 2 Huge traffic pool with more than 100 million users . The premise of getting exposure is tiktok and high content content. , This is closely related to the content productivity and shooting level of the enterprise .

Many enterprises , Tiktok begins to vibrate. , As a result, because content production could not keep up, it gradually stopped . There are also some enterprises , Although it maintains a high update frequency , But comment on the following water “ The worst officials tremble ” Comment on ......

Two 、 Do you really have conditions and resources to make tiktok?

without , Professional things should be left to professional people !

The unit price of jewelers is high , And trust are the most important factors for most users , At present, it is still not accepted by most consumers like other ordinary commodities on platforms such as live broadcasting and e-commerce , Jewelry companies want to grasp the essence of tiktok through the shake up. : Content is king .

3、 Window cash

A Taobao women's clothing store . Her fans have 72 ten thousand , It's selling through vibrato tiktok. , One day's sales reached 260 ten thousand . What concept ? This is equivalent to Taobao women's wear Top10 Daily sales . Video of this product , We all know , Tiktok has a shopping window. , Is when everyone is browsing , There's a little shopping cart on the left side of the video , This product video , Window only 5 individual . Then go to the window page , We'll find that the highest amount of money in this video has been reached 50.8 ten thousand , Then the unit price 199 go in , Its link is 4265 pen . You can calculate the sales volume , How terrible .

The above is the summary of jutui media Tiktok Information about what the operating company can bring to the enterprise , If you want to know something reliable Tiktok Agent operators can also choose to cooperate with us .

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