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How to do well tiktok operation in Tourism

2021-09-01 00:00:25 Che Meiqi

The formation of customer consumption concept is influenced by social politics 、 Economy and other multiple factors , Change is also . Looking at the current situation of the cultural tourism industry , In the short term, global tourism is likely to be an important direction for the development of cultural tourism in the future .

Focus on the characteristics and concepts of global tourism development , The integration of short video content 、 The richness of species 、 The possibility of development is similar to it , At the same time, it is highly consistent with the residents' living habits at home during the epidemic . Shenzhen's tiktok operation company promotes from many directions , Create a new strategy for cultural tourism short video .

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , The travel distance of tourists 、 The destination has changed greatly , In the short term , Tourists mainly travel around their residence and in China .

Global tourism advocates in a certain area , Take tourism as the center , Drive the integrated development of surrounding industries , Form the advantage of centralized development , Conduct “ Landscape city integration ” The destination creates , Achieve regional panorama ,“ The city is the scenery , Scenery is the city ” The ideal situation

The first kind of better account is the early graphic material editing number , The content is mainly tourism strategy , No real person left the country , There is no plot , Show the fun and delicious of the destination , Route strategy , A lot of graphic and video materials , Dubbing is in the form of narration , It has become a collection of domestic and foreign tourist attractions , This kind of cost is relatively low , Easy to use , Fast update cycle , Experts can also make ten or eight videos a day .

Such accounts that do well include : Qin Peng P Words 、 Two children see the world from thousands of miles 、 Keng said travel 、 Rent a car . The disadvantages are obvious , No real person left the country , Not made ip, The flow is useless , Conversion low , Difficult to realize . The effect of real people on the camera is basically better than that of pictures and texts , I love the tiktok video , Live action videos have more style and charm , Better commercial liquidity , The viscosity of real-life photography to fans will be higher .

The second category is outbound tourism with real people VLOG, It's usually a travel diary video , Dubbing is good copywriting , Present in the form of a story , Combine your own experience and perception , Both show the network red punch in , Beautiful scenery , And the state of travel , Life style , Think, think, feel .

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