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Xi Jinping's "one family"

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2021 year 7 month 21 solstice 23 Japan , Xi Jinping came to Tibet , Congratulations on the peaceful liberation of Tibet 70 Anniversary of the , Visiting cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Tibet . The graph is 21 On the afternoon of Sunday , Xi Jinping is in gala village, Linzhi Town, Ba Yi District, Linzhi. , Dawa Jianshen, a fellow villager, sat around the living room talking about family affairs . Xinhua reporter Xue-ren li taken


Gala village, Nyingchi, Tibet , One “ Where peach blossoms are in full bloom ”.

7 month 21 Japan , Villager Dawa Jianshen puts on traditional clothes , Holding a white hada , Stand at the door to meet an important guest .“ When I saw the general secretary walking along the sloping slate road , Our family was so excited that tears were about to flow down .” Dawajian can't forget the scene at that time .

In old Tibet , To have a “ Roofed accommodation ”, It is something that countless serfs dare not think of . But now , Walking into the ordinary Tibetan's home, you will find , A bright and tidy courtyard 、 Mahogany carved furniture 、 Flush toilet, etc . Zhuoma, Dawa Jianshen's mother, said :“ I never thought I could live in a spacious and bright building one day .”

Dawajian can calculate the income account for the general secretary : Run transport 、 Peach Blossom Festival dividend 、 Land transfer 、 Planting and breeding …… Xi Jinping was very pleased. :“ Your income , Add and subtract , Hundreds of thousands . A very happy family .”

In the eyes of Tibetans , It is poverty alleviation that makes Tibet “ One step across the Millennium ”.2019 end of the year , Tibet 74 All poverty-stricken counties and districts take off their hats ,62 More than 10000 poor people have been lifted out of poverty . The life of farmers and herdsmen has realized from bucket to water pipe 、 From oil lamp to electric lamp 、 Great changes from dirt road to asphalt road .

Such achievements are hard won . In the battle to get rid of poverty , Ethnic areas are the most difficult to gnaw “ Hard bone ”: The national 14 Special poverty-stricken areas ,11 Located in an ethnic area or including ethnic autonomous areas ; Deep poverty determined by the central government “ Three areas, three states ” All in Ethnic Areas .

“ No matter how hard this hard bone is, it must be chewed , No matter how hard this battle is, we must win it , We should not forget every nation on the road to a well-off society in all respects 、 Every family .” Over the years , All ethnic groups regardless of population , No matter how remote the location is , Can feel the general solicitude of general secretary Xi Jinping. ——

2018 year 2 month , Xi Jinping starts from Xichang, Sichuan , Along the winding mountain highway with steep slope and deep ditch , Drive deep into the hinterland of Daliang Mountain . In the homes of poor Yi families , Xi Jinping and villagers representatives 、 The poverty alleviation team members stationed in the village sit around the fire pond , Plan an accurate strategy to get rid of poverty .

2019 year 4 month , Xi Jinping got off the plane. 、 Transfer train 、 By car , All the way , Come to Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County in Chongqing deep in the mountains . He said , This time, I came to see my relatives , I just want to know “ Two never worry about three ” Is it true , What are the other problems .


from “ Mud waterway ” To “ Cement road ”, from “ Fence house ” To “ Small courtyard ”, One nation after another, the whole nation out of poverty , Great changes have taken place in the face of ethnic areas . Xi Jinping said :“ The Chinese nation is a big family , A good life for the whole family .”


2019 year 7 month 15 Japan , Xi Jinping went to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to investigate and investigate . The picture shows Xi Jinping's understanding of local history and culture in Chifeng Museum. . Xinhua reporter Xie huanchi taken


2018 year 3 month , The national “ The two sessions ” period , Zhao Huijie, deputy to the National People's Congress, invited the general secretary to Chifeng, Inner Mongolia . What she didn't expect was ,2019 year 7 month , Xi Jinping went to Inner Mongolia to investigate and investigate , The first stop is Chifeng City . Xi Jinping said to Zhao Huijie. , Your invitation has always been on my mind , I'm here today .

Trip to Inner Mongolia , Xi Jinping came to Chifeng Museum. , Watch classical national epic 《 GusA ( Si ) Er 》 Rap show , Cordial conversation with inheritors of intangible cultural heritage . Xi pointed out that , We should pay attention to the protection and inheritance of minority cultures , Support and support 《 GusA ( Si ) Er 》 Intangible cultural heritage , Cultivate inheritors , Generation after generation 、 Pass it on .

Not just in Inner Mongolia , Every visit to ethnic areas , Xi Jinping always needs to know the local minority culture. , Be concerned about the protection and inheritance of ethnic minority culture .

Yanbian, Jilin , Xi Jinping commended the Korean people for their good dances. , One move is different ; In Tongjiang, Heilongjiang , Xi Jinping praised the Hezhen nationality's superb fishing and hunting skills. 、 Exquisite pattern art 、 Imakan rap is very charming ; At the Erhai sea in Yunnan , Xi Jinping walks into the traditional residence of Bai nationality , Praise “ The environment here is clean and tidy , It also maintains an ancient and simple form , Such a courtyard is better than a western style house , Remember nostalgia ”……

Now , Hani Terraces 、 Huashan rock paintings, etc 14 Items of historical monuments of ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas are included in the world cultural heritage list ; Muqam of Uygur nationality 、 Mongolian Long Tune folk song 、 Hui Hua'er, etc 15 The cultural and artistic heritage of ethnic minorities is listed in the world intangible cultural heritage list , The proportion in the national total exceeds 1/3.

It is worth mentioning that ,2014 year 3 On the whole country “ The two sessions ” period , Xi Jinping talked about increasing support for the Internet of minority languages. , Ask with concern :“ People's Daily online 、 Does Xinhua have minority language versions ?”“ The languages of several nationalities all have ?”“ Are there ethnic minority language versions on the official websites of each autonomous region ?”

Behind these inquiries , It is the general secretary's respect and cherishment for the culture of ethnic minorities . In the same year , At the central national work conference , Xi Jinping emphasized :“ All ethnic groups have contributed to the formation and development of Chinese culture , All ethnic groups should appreciate each other 、 Learn from each other . Equate Chinese culture with Chinese culture 、 Ignore minority culture , The national culture from the outside to the Chinese culture 、 Lack of recognition of Chinese culture , It's all wrong , We must resolutely overcome them .”

If culture is the soul of a nation , Then cultural identity is the root of national unity . Xi pointed out that :“ Cultural identity is the deepest level of identity , It is the root of national unity 、 The soul of national harmony . The problem of cultural identity has been solved , To the great motherland 、 To the Chinese nation 、 The recognition of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics can be consolidated .”


2021 year 8 month 23 solstice 24 Japan , Xi Jinping in Chengde, Hebei . The graph is 24 The morning of , Xi Jinping visits Chengde Museum 《 Look inside and outside the Great Wall —— Record of national unity in the prosperous era of the Qing Dynasty 》 exhibition . Xinhua reporter Xie huanchi taken

3、 ... and

Whether it is poverty alleviation in ethnic minority areas , Or the inheritance and development of the excellent traditional culture of ethnic minorities , All build “ Chinese national community ” Specific measures , Reflects China 56 Equality and unity of all nationalities .

Xi Jinping often used pomegranate as a metaphor for national unity. . He stressed that :“ All ethnic groups should hold together like pomegranate seeds , We are all members of the Chinese nation community .” 

2017 year 1 month , Xi Jinping is giving the library. · Tuohutihan, the eldest daughter of tulumu · Kurban's reply pointed out that :“ Promote people of all ethnic groups to hold together like pomegranate seeds , Create a better tomorrow in Xinjiang under the leadership of the party .”

This year, 6 month , Xi Jinping stressed during his inspection in Qinghai :“ We can only hold together like pomegranate seeds , Sibling dating 、 help one another in defense work , To realize the great dream of national rejuvenation , The flower of national unity and progress can flourish forever .”

This year, “ The two sessions ” period , Xi Jinping mentioned “ Three thousand orphans entered Inner Mongolia ” A good story of history , Become the hot search of the day . It was three years of natural disasters , Shanghai 、 Jiangsu 3000 Many starving orphans were received from Inner Mongolia ,“ Grassland Eji ( Mom )” Raise them in yurts . This happened in the last century 60 The past of time , It is a vivid witness of national unity .

How to do a good job in ethnic work 、 Strengthening national unity , Xi Jinping has deep thoughts. :“ Can ethnic work be done well , The most fundamental question is whether the party's leadership is strong and powerful . The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental guarantee for the success of ethnic work , It is also the fundamental guarantee for the great unity of all ethnic groups .”

recently , Xi Jinping pointed out during his expedition in Chengde, Hebei , China is a unified multi-ethnic country , In the long history, a pluralistic and integrated Chinese nation has been formed . Through the continuous struggle of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups , We have achieved the first Centennial goal , A well-off society, including ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas, has been built in an all-round way on the land of China . Practice has proved that , Only the Communist Party of China can realize the great unity of the Chinese nation , Only socialism with Chinese characteristics can unite all ethnic groups 、 Develop all ethnic groups 、 Prosper all nations . We should adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China , Adhere to the correct path of solving ethnic problems with Chinese characteristics , Fully implement the party's ethnic theory and Policy , We will continue to consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony .

Now ,“ Promote all ethnic groups to hold together like pomegranate seeds ” It has been written into the report of the 19th National Congress ,“ Cast a solid sense of the community of the Chinese nation ” It has also been written into the party constitution . Xi pointed out that :“56 The first nation is pomegranate seed , The Chinese nation is the pomegranate of the whole . We are a community of the Chinese nation , We should work together to achieve the second Centennial goal .”

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source / The People's Daily 、 The xinhua news agency 、 Tibet Daily, etc

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