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Observation on "the first city of Hanfu": the night before the transformation of the hottest national fashion industry

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Hanfu , Is quietly breaking through the circle , Into the life of ordinary people .

“ Every Chinese will have his own Hanfu ”, The huge imagination space makes the industry very excited . Emerging “ The capital of Hanfu ”, Capital and entrepreneurs who suddenly break in , The positive force causes a new round of wrestling .

What triggered this trend , Not north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen , Nor Hangzhou 、 Xi'an, Changsha and other popular cities , But Chengdu in the southwest . not long ago , Yibang power goes to Chengdu , Investigate and interview brands 、 Businesses and consumers , Trying to uncover why Hanfu came into being , But I found the worries behind the glory of Chengdu Hanfu .

Not only Chengdu Hanfu , The whole Hanfu industry has reached the time when it has to re-examine itself ?


( Title Map : One scene in Buer Yinlu courtyard )

01  The Hanfu is broken   Chengdu said , Why are you here ?

This spring , Beijing Olympic Forest Park , Li Heng found that the spacious North Park Avenue was crowded with men and women in Chinese clothes , The number of people is even better than the parents' party that packed the subway at the weekend . The park master scratched his head again and again , Said he had never seen such a battle .

at an office , Colleagues say it's nothing strange , She also wants to wear a Han suit to the park at the weekend . She asked Li Heng , Can you take a picture ? She said that her best friend often goes out in Chinese clothes , Show their little red book to Li Heng , Any graphic or video , There are hundreds of thousands of likes .

A few years ago , When Li Heng first saw Hanfu in the street , I stared at it curiously for a long time . But now , Han clothes once regarded as strange clothes , Is quietly breaking through the circle , Into the life of ordinary people .


According to the data released by AI media ,2021 In, the market scale of Hanfu will exceed 10 billion . Back in the Han and Tang Dynasties, shopkeeper Sun Yi estimated that , This scale is expected to be in 5-8 Ten fold increase in the year , Up to 100 billion .

As a young industry , Hanfu track is also concerned by capital .

This year, 4 month , More than 13 million yuan A Round of funding , Zhengxin Valley and B Station joint lead investment , Bubble Matt and throw .

Returning to the Han and Tang Dynasties, he also revealed to Yibang ,2020 In the second half of the year, it obtained ten million level financing from Shaanxi cultural investment and Zhongnan POFU .

At the same time , Plate women's workshop get D Round of funding , The investor is the challenger's capital .

The rise of Hanfu , With the tide of the country and Z The tide of consumer psychology for generations , The scene of wearing Hanfu gradually breaks the circle , It doesn't matter to sneak into life .

Offline Hanfu cultural and creative activities continue to be popular . Flash 、 Show , Hanfu is seldom absent . Major parks across the country , I don't know when to start , They are unfolding “ Wear Hanfu to enter the park ” Free ticket activities , Strive for popularity .

But if you ask a Chengdu man , They will say that these are not uncommon in Chengdu , I experienced it two or three years ago .

There is a saying , Chengdu people wear Chinese clothes when walking in the street , Wear Chinese clothes in life , Even eating hot pot will wear Chinese clothes .

Chengdu , It has emerged to return to the Han and Tang Dynasties 、 Zhong LINGJI 、 LAN ruoting 、 Capital Nanzhuang and other Hanfu core brands and merchants , Annual output value 300 Hanfu original brand enterprises with more than 10000 yuan 20 Multiple , AI media consultation 2021 The Research Report on the current situation of China's Hanfu industry and consumption behavior data shows that ,2020 In, the number of Hanfu physical stores in Chengdu reached 270 home , Press Hangzhou, which is also a popular city for Hanfu .

“ Hanfu first city ”.

There are many cities of Hanfu , But so far, only Chengdu has won the honor of the first city of Hanfu . Chengdu's Hanfu , How did it get on fire ?


Hanfu on Chunxi Road ( The author shot )

02  That year , Young people “ drop from the clouds ”

Mention Chengdu Hanfu , People often mention the unique in the country “ Hanfu Street ”—— Champagne square, Chunxi Road, Chengdu .

Champagne square , It was originally a prosperous area of Chengdu , But because it looks too old , Once it felt like it was going bankrupt . But today , It was reborn as “ Champagne square Hanfu Street ”. On the first floor of the shopping mall, there is a circular commercial street , At most, there are nearly 40 Chinese clothing stores , And the supporting photography and culture shops .

2018 year 8 month , Meng Ni, the fashion owner of champagne square, suddenly found , Hanfu brand such as dream nishang opens stores in shopping malls . Soon , Some Hanfu “ His comrades ” I began to walk around the mall in Chinese clothes .

2019 In the Spring Festival , From time to time, someone comes to the store and asks about Hanfu , At this time, the news of Hanfu in Champagne square spread on the Internet .

“ No one in Xiangbin square used to sell Hanfu . We businessmen are surprised to see Hanfu , But when Rumeng came in , I found that many people buy their clothes , It's very lively . I just wanted to , Hanfu has such a big business opportunity , What else do I do in fashion ?” Meng Ni said .

2019 year 3 month , Meng Ni's Chinese clothing store has also opened .“ I went on the first day 20 set . Just hang one pole , Just hung out for a while and was taken away .” Meng said .

As brand stores continue to join champagne square , There are many stores selling Hanfu spontaneously , Many young people came to the street to open shops . here we are 2019 July and August of , The whole shopping mall has become a real Hanfu Street .


At 10 p.m. in front of champagne square   Wandering in Hanfu 、JK Young people of ( The author shot )

Hanfu craze and the miraculous rise of Hanfu street in Champagne square , Because I caught up with the best times —— Short video era .

Sun Yi recalled to Yibang , Hanfu is 2017-2019 The national popularization rate was very fast in , Those two years , It's the tiktok. 、 The outbreak of Kwai Fu and Xiao Hong Shu platform .

Li Ziqi always wears beautiful Chinese clothes in the program , Very enviable . The life style represented by Hanfu and Hanfu elements in ancient costume Xianxia drama , Are fueled by the popularity of the Internet and short videos , Spread all over the country .

Chengdu, as a city of Internet popularity , The offline activities of Hanfu are particularly popular . Many beautiful little brothers and sisters wear Chinese clothes , And many photographers in Chengdu 、 Photography agencies have a set of Hanfu , And KOL、 Fans quickly form an ecological chain .

meanwhile , In Champagne square , A group of 90 even to the extent that 00 The young people who died suddenly fell from the sky —— Of course, it's for Hanfu .

In the eyes of old businessmen in Champagne square , Although young people talk about things they don't understand , But they pay special attention to wechat 、 Tiktok 、 Publicity in the little red book , Brought a large number of people , Bring a lot of net popularity .

They put a grid on the aisle on the first floor of the square , Paper umbrellas hung from the ceiling , It was very lively . But at the same time , They also brought Hanfu “ Shan Zheng ”、“ Shape ” Such a quarrel .

“ At first, they just publicized in places like wechat , Then he began to attack others , Which one sells ‘ mountain ’, Or not authentic , Don't buy , They specially found some students to do summer jobs , Guard at the door of other stores , Say... When you meet someone .” Meng Ni said reluctantly , Her family clearly sells original brands, but together “ Shot in the ”,“ Many guests who enter the store have clearly negotiated the price , Suddenly left .”

These young customers , Not only are they enthusiastic , And demanding , At that time, the shop opposite Meng Ni began to sell Hanfu on the way , I don't even know “ Shan Zheng ” Points , But you can't fool them .

But under the outbreak of demand , Excellent brands are hard to find .

Mengni found , Most original Hanfu brands don't know about physical stores , It's hard to talk about agency . There is a good brand to represent ,“ Was robbed by a swarm of people , Go to his house together , Then they quarreled with each other 、 Price war , Roll up .”

At the same time , The wave of Hanfu entrepreneurship broke out .2019 year , Taobao Hanfu merchants have increased by nearly 50%. Many people outside the inner circle of Hanfu circle are eager to try , Want to make an original Hanfu brand try .

Today, Simone's assistant Sijun is also a Hanfu lover , At that time, I was still studying in Chengdu , I began to give the design draft of Hanfu painting , Make private custom Hanfu with friends , A set can sell for five thousand .

03  Into culture , But failed in the industrial chain ?


Interior view of champagne square 2021 year 4 month ( The author shot )

2018 year , Wang Min founded Hanfu brand in Chengdu “ Su Meng returns to the cloud ”. Five years ago , She worked as an antique photography brand , At its peak, there were 200 Chain stores , But Wang Min can't feel the sense of mission of cultural inheritance , Resolutely put down the studio business and start a business .

“ What we did at that time was actually imitating film and television dramas , It's done out of imagination ‘ Hanfu ’ Not historical facts . When I train studios and studios all over the country , When you do more, you start thinking , If I taught their ancients how to dress wrong , What do I do ?” Wang Min said .

Today, ,“ Su Meng returns to the cloud ” It has been established for more than three years , Already have 8 Franchise stores and 2 A direct store , Wang Min is very proud that her business can also contribute to the inheritance of traditional culture .

Yibang found , A merchant who makes Hanfu , More or less shoulder a certain sense of cultural responsibility . And Chengdu , This has the most Han costume lovers 、 Hanfu is the city with the best community atmosphere , Entrepreneurs like Wang Min come out in large numbers .

In the great upsurge of Hanfu , Chengdu can nourish the foundation of a number of excellent Hanfu brands , lie in “ people ” And “ circle ”.

2006 year , The first Hanfu physical store in China appeared in Chengdu —— Return to the Han and Tang Dynasties . at that time , Few people in Chengdu like and wear Hanfu , Only a dozen “ His comrades ”. There is no scene in life , The production side is even more difficult . Back to the Han and Tang Dynasties, founder lvzhu'er worked for nearly four years to achieve balance of payments .

The first batch of founders of Chengdu Hanfu brand , Almost all of them are colleagues who deeply love Hanfu culture and go to battle in person , Make clothes with a sense of mission of cultural communication , With the temperament of an idealist .

Merchants sell clothes and promote Hanfu culture , With the community 、 Lovers are in a close community , Help each other .

In the opinion of Mo Li, executive director of Sichuan Hanfu Association , Back in the Han and Tang Dynasties, he played the role of Chengdu Hanfu “ Huangpu Military Academy ” Like a character , As a forerunner , It has exported many Hanfu practitioners , It also drives the formation of Chengdu Hanfu industrial chain .

On the other hand , The Hanfu brands contacted by Yibang also mention the unique historical heritage of Chengdu . Hanfu is a cultural attribute 、 Highly design oriented category . And cultural people 、 Designers like to get together .

Chengdu is a famous city of Shu , Chengdu people have lived in Wuhou Temple since ancient times 、 Du Fu grew up beside the thatched cottage , The cultural atmosphere is unique . Mo Li once said in an interview that , Many Shandong 、 Merchants in Hubei and Shanxi , The design team has been transferred to Chengdu .


Return to the founder of Han and Tang Dynasty, lvzhu'er 、 Sun Yi

however , When Hanfu gradually developed into an industry , Reality has also become cruel , No longer controlled by feelings and culture .

Chengdu is the first city of Hanfu , But it is not necessarily the first city of Hanfu industry , It's an embarrassing reality .

Is the material of Hanfu good , Look at the fabric , Second, look at pattern embroidery , Neither is the advantageous field of Chengdu's textile industry . National Hanfu fabric , Basically all from Keqiao in Shaoxing, Zhejiang , Dyes can't get around Guangzhou . In order to obtain a fabric with accurate color difference , Green Pearl needs constant express to communicate with Keqiao .

Hangzhou is adjacent to Keqiao and coastal factories , Develop Hanfu e-commerce 、 It's unique to do live broadcast . Cao county Hanfu makes Chengdu merchants complain with cheap Hanfu , Both have the potential to catch up from behind .

According to the research of industry observation before the rain , Most small textile mills in Chengdu are similar to coastal automation 、 Compared with intelligent textile enterprises , Simple and primitive 、 Lack of competitiveness , It is difficult to meet the customized needs of Hanfu brand owners .

Growing up in Chengdu , Looking at the faces of Hangzhou and Guangzhou , Envy the factory capacity of Jiangsu and Zhejiang , Headache Cao county cottage Hanfu bloody competition , It can be said that it is the daily work of Chengdu Hanfu merchants .

04 “ We should go to Chi Shangjin , Or Cao County ?”

Hangzhou 、 Xi'an 、 Guangzhou 、 Caoxian and other Hanfu industrial cities , It is setting off an industrial competition between cities , Chengdu naturally does not want to “ Hanfu first city ” submissively .

2020 In the second half of , Chishang jinhanfu industrial culture block is located in lotus pond, Jinniu District, Chengdu , Also introduced FDC Fabric library and land occupation 7000 More than square meters of fashion industry incubation platform .

Different from the Xiangbin square spontaneously created by merchants , Chishang brocade has become an official creation in Chengdu “ The first city of Hanfu in China ” A move of chess , At the height of urban strategy and industrial planning .

Lotus pond has been the wholesale market portal of the whole Sichuan Province and the north of Chengdu for decades . In the past, Chengdu “ East poor , Xigui , Nanfu , North chaos ” In the background of , Chengdu hopes that Chi Shangjin will become a “ catfish ”, Drive the upgrading of lotus pond industry and the development of Chengdu garment industry .

For Hanfu merchants , The fabric selection they met 、 When there is a supply problem , You can turn to FDC Fabric library is a global fabric trading and data service platform .


Fabric Library Central edition room , Provide businesses with training space related to plate making clothes and Garment Technology ( The author shot )

2021 Beginning of the year , Sumeng Guiyun's second direct store landed in Chi Shangjin . Wang Min said , Ikemori Kam provides merchants with rich discounts and various subsidies , And businesses 、 Offline ecological gathering , It's all what attracts her .

Wang Min is more optimistic , She felt , After the outbreak of the number of Hanfu merchants in Chengdu in the past two years , Factories in Chengdu are also gradually adapting to the production of Hanfu .

however , About Chi Shangjin and FDC How does the fabric library help the industrial chain of Chengdu Hanfu , Sun Yi thinks it will take some time to see the effect . From the feedback of many Chengdu merchants , The project has not had much impact in the short term .

Others have turned their hopes to supplement the industrial chain beyond Chengdu , For example, Cao County .

“ You walk 100 meters on Caoxian Street , Within 100 meters , You can get all the fabrics needed for the Hanfu , Supplementary material 、 Embroidery 、 Embroidery , I've bought everything . Such a highly clustered industrial chain , Not anywhere else .”

Chengdu at that time FDC Huang Haibo, the person in charge of the fabric library, helped many Hanfu merchants , Finally, I chose to resign and start my own business , And responsible for creating a supply chain for an original Chinese clothing brand in Chengdu .

The first thing to do in office , Is to go to the whole country to investigate the Hanfu industrial chain . The most important stop is Cao County .

“ The gathering of industries makes the speed of production and processing in Cao county particularly fast , I make a dress elsewhere , Half a month has passed after communicating back and forth, reworking and tossing several processes . But in Cao County , It may only take two or three days .” Huang Haibo said .

Cao county not only responds rapidly to the industrial chain , The labor cost can also be one sixth of that of Chengdu . The gross profit of Hanfu industry is only 30%, Compared with traditional clothing, the profit margin is too small , Huang Haibo thinks it's very precious to save so much gross profit on labor .

“ Chengdu Hanfu merchants are brands that do well , But it lacks a national vision . In contrast, the quality of merchants in Cao county is often criticized , But the industrial chain has its merits , They just need proper guidance .” Huang Haibo said .

Huang Haibo prefers to go to other places to run factories , Also willing to stay in the factory for long-term running in communication , He said to Yibang , Utilization of field supply chains , It will become one of the core advantages of its own brand .


Exterior view of Chi Shangjin ( The author shot )

05  Hanfu , On the eve of transformation ?

2020 Since the start of the year , The continuous twists and turns of the epidemic , The outbreak of Hanfu industry will be knocked down from the climax , Since then, the waves have been calm . The tide rises and falls behind , Only fish and shrimp that can't swim on the beach are left .

2021 In the spring , When Yibang came to champagne square , Hanfu street is gone 2019 The grand occasion of the year . Opposite Meng ni , A former Chinese clothing store has just been renovated , Changed to JK、DK Monopoly , The other one says on the sign “ Hanfu ” Our shop , There is only JK And Lolita .

Although the epidemic improved in the same period , Many offline activities have been lifted , Yibang 4 May visit in Beijing 、 The return of Chengdu to the Han and Tang Dynasties 、 When there are many Hanfu stores such as dream nishang , It is found that there is no obvious return of passenger flow .

2020 Throughout the year , The Chinese clothing store in Champagne square also quickly shuffled its cards . Meng Ni's shop carried , But it smashed 600000 goods in hand .2020 year , Her original Hanfu brand just caught the middle of the epidemic when it was processed in the factory . When returning to work and leaving the factory , Clothes can't be sold .

Because many young people who came to champagne square borrowed money to store , During the epidemic, it is difficult for funds to flow , I had to close the shop and leave . Wang Min said , In fact, many young people take a sum of money from home to start a business , But for the industrial chain of Hanfu 、 stock 、 Store display and so on . She later opened herself up to join , Package and training , I think this way is much more realistic for young people who want to make Hanfu .

Huang Haibo revealed to Yibang , The epidemic has made some Hanfu head merchants from 2019 Annual sales of tens of millions in 2020 There are only millions left in . Sun Yi said , Back to the Han and Tang Dynasties, despite the introduction of strategic investment , But they have not added any physical stores since the epidemic , To optimize existing stores .

Huang Haibo is also an expert in facial dyes 、 Platform side 、 And Hanfu entrepreneur background , I've seen many Hanfu Entrepreneurs , He felt , Hanfu entrepreneurship looks simple , But it is very deceptive .

First made Hanfu brand , It seems that the threshold is very low . Because compared with fashion , The investment in making Hanfu is very small , No professional background is required , There is no need to contact shopping malls and stores , Directly into a big goods production mode .

“ Make fashion , You can only be one part of the industry , But Hanfu entrepreneurs have too many things to consider after entering the industry .” Huang Haibo said ,“ Hanfu entrepreneurs are always ‘ Whole industry chain thinking ’, From design to fabric to inventory Marketing , Each link should be watched by yourself , Each link should be wrapped by yourself , This makes the initial stage very difficult .”

Huang Haibo thinks , Further exploration should be carried out in the industry in the future . Like the traditional fashion industry , Perhaps the whole industry chain will be gradually divided into different parts .

“ Division of labor is the inevitable trend of all walks of life , Whether in terms of specialization or risk resolution . From the timeline of the rise of industry , Hanfu is a newly started clothing category , But its essence is the garment industry .” He said .

And Sun Yi suggested , New entrepreneurs in Hanfu should take a good look at themselves , Don't make big stalls , Ask yourself if you can find another way in design 、 Do what others have not done ? Whether it has the ability to pull financing ? You can even wait and see for two years .

The whole Hanfu industry is looking forward to the second half of the year , Wait for a turnaround .

But the Hanfu industry , Maybe it's not just a turnaround , What is more needed is a transformation .

from 2020 From the year onwards ,“ Internal volume ” It has become the key word of Hanfu industry . When Hanfu merchants mention Caoxian Shanzhai , Often see its originator , Like a raging beast .

But even if there is no cottage problem , At a low price 、 Chinese cabbage Hanfu has also opened the of Hanfu “ The age of involution ”. No Cao county Hanfu , LAN ruotang has already opened the Chinese cabbage Hanfu , The battle end of low-cost Hanfu .

Sun Yi thinks , The existence of Chinese cabbage Hanfu has practical significance , But too much , It is not conducive to the development of the industry , Hanfu was originally a traditional national costume , Can't always give people the impression of low-end and cheap .

LAN ruotang as Chengdu and returned to the Han and Tang Dynasties 、 Zhong LINGJI is one of several core Chinese clothing brands with the same name , Production mode was once regarded as the innovation of the industry ,198 A set of Chinese cabbage Hanfu is the predecessor of today's Cao county Hanfu , Knock down the high priced Hanfu at that time .

However ,2021 year 7 month , Xiaoqi in Hanfu suddenly saw LAN ruotang announce on his microblog " Liquidation and reorganization " The news of :“ 50% off , The minimum is 9.9 ”.

“ What's going on? . LAN ruotang , I won't close the store ?” He instantly thought of the famous Hanfu brand store some time ago “ Lihuadu ” The sudden clearance and closing of the store , My heart sank . Because they look like .

open B standing , Many colleagues left messages under the relevant discussion video of LAN ruotang to express concern and confusion ,“ Why are many famous Chinese clothing stores closed recently ? Don't you make money making Hanfu ?”


Han dress girl on Chunxi Road in Chengdu ( The author shot )

2020 Since then , A large number of Hanfu merchants entered the Bureau , The intensity of competition has increased dramatically , Under intense involution , The price of Hanfu is sinking more than .“ For a long time , Sold a lot , But I finally found that I didn't make any money , It is entirely possible .” Huang Haibo thinks , Even brands like lanroting , It's not surprising that there are financial problems .

Huang Haibo's deepest feeling about Hanfu industry is , This industry is growing too fast , But still very immature . Especially the quality of Hanfu is unstable 、 Average price 、 Gross profit is difficult to improve , Further, the brand has no funds to do R & D , Physical dealers also have no pricing space , Create a vicious circle .

He thinks that , Hanfu will have a future only if the quality and profit margin are high .

at present , Including hanshang Hualian 、 Return to the Han and Tang Dynasties, including the vast majority of popular Han clothing brands , All have arranged low, medium and high-level Han clothing categories . Minghuatang and other high-end Hanfu brands are also doing well .

06  Offline in Chengdu , See the new possibility of Hanfu ?

At the beginning of Hanfu's entrepreneurship , Brand awareness is generally low, which is also a problem . It is normal to place orders of only ten to hundreds of pieces , Reach a batch of 2000 This piece is already a big hit , Only the super popular models of head brands can achieve more than 10000 pieces .

Because of the huge risk of physical stores , Hanfu entrepreneurs are inexperienced , Profits are thin , It is difficult to turn inventory through store distribution , They generally rely on e-commerce entrepreneurship , Heavy online light offline .

however , Offline is not just for distribution , There are too many things that Hanfu merchants can't give up . For example, word of mouth , For example, there are infinite possibilities in direct contact with consumers .

Hanfu business naturally has the gene of offline social communication . Nowadays, the rising national style is popular 、 Flash and cultural and creative publicity activities , All need Hanfu to participate . And Hanfu shop is also born a three pit girl 、 The social space of Hanfu tongpao . But all along , Hanfu's offline demand and strong online Ecology , Serious dislocation .


Lovers who take Han Costume Photos in Chengdu Wangjianglou Park ( The author shot )

In Chengdu , Many Hanfu merchants are “ Shop maniac ”. Whether it's an old brand back to the Han and Tang Dynasties , Still a young vegetarian dream , The first stop of starting a business happens to be to open a store in a crowded place in the center of Chengdu . Even after the epidemic , The two families still have the original intention .

“ Show a dress on the Internet , It's a test of the store's scene design 、 Photography 、 Make up 、 Sets and models, etc . But in the physical store, everything is real , You can experience the material and workmanship of clothes by actually touching them .” Sun Yi said .


Wang Min, founder of Sumeng Guiyun   Make up for children in parent-child Chinese clothes

As a successful entrepreneur who has built a well-known brand from scratch in the past two years , Wang Min thinks , The solution to low brand awareness is to open stores as much as possible . Cause the exposure of the brand at the same time , You can also have direct contact with your customers .

Because of the awareness of customer needs , Wang Min noticed early that parent-child Hanfu will be a major direction of Hanfu in the future .

“ Many schools in Chengdu now advocate traditional solar terms and wear Hanfu , Many parents will come to the store to find .” When communicating with customers, Wang Min also found that children and parents like different Hanfu ,“ Parents like embroidery and color matching, and more uniform , Wear a little more convenient narrow sleeves , And children like big sleeves with pink, tender and fairer colors .”

“ Why do parent-child Hanfu have great potential ? When children wear Chinese clothes, they look especially ‘ ' ’, On birthday , Adult ceremony and many other commemorations 、 Ceremonial occasion , There will be a lot of demand in the future . For parents , Children are like a piece of white paper , Let them learn to wear Chinese clothes from childhood , It is also the root of the next culture .” Wang Min said .

founded “ Han clothes outside the emblem ” Brand “ Buer Yinlu ” The team , Is exploring another direction —— Not just Hanfu , It also provides a whole set of lifestyle with artistic conception .

Its founder team includes both Han costume designers , There are also space designers to carefully build the courtyard , And the chef designed ancient Sichuan cuisine , It is intended to combine Han clothes outside the emblem with a series of derivative brands ,

“ We are based on literature and books , Through space 、 dress 、 Utensils 、 diet 、 Music and a series of contemporary artists' understanding and re creation , Condensed into a visible 、 Listen 、 smell 、 A new life form that can eat .” Co founder fan Xue explained .

2015 year , Buer Yinlu rented the first yard in Chengdu , Now there are ten chain stores in Chengdu , And plans to open the new store to Chongqing 、 Xi'an and other cities .

Before leaving Chengdu , Yibang drove through the woods 、 Lakes and narrow roads , Come to the Sansheng Township store of Buer Yinlu in the southern suburb of Chengdu . Just in the distance, I saw a quiet courtyard , On the cobblestone road, the women in Chinese clothes walked into the depths , He sat down at the table of the head of the pavilion and talked and laughed , It's like a fascinating painting .

Start offline , Go offline . The story of Hanfu in Chengdu , Maybe just opened a corner .

( Meng ni , Sijun , li , Xiao Qi is a pseudonym .)

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