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Turn around? Huawei is licensed to buy hundreds of millions of dollars of auto chips in the United States

2021-09-01 00:32:19 Heart of machine

Mobile phone business is limited , Huawei Whether it can rise again in the automotive field ?

According to Reuters 8 month 25 Reported Wednesday , Two people familiar with the matter have said , U.S. officials have approved the inclusion in the Department of Commerce 「 List of entities 」 Of Huawei Application for permission to import automobile chips .

As the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer , Huawei In the past few years, because of the trump administration's control over its network equipment 、 The implementation of trade restrictions on chips and other components used in smart phone business , It has seriously affected the development of business and Technology .

But things have changed in recent weeks , Some people familiar with the application process told Reuters , The United States has granted supplier licenses , Authorize the supplier to Huawei Sell chips for vehicle components such as car screens and sensors . This approval is Huawei New changes after shifting business to areas not concerned by the U.S. trade ban .

Even though Huawei Have been forced to make changes , But for American conservatives, the current restrictions are not enough . I used to be right Huawei The critical Republican Senator Tom · Coton said in a statement that :「 The Biden administration has relaxed, like Huawei The behavior of Chinese technology companies is unacceptable .」

In response to media reports , Senator Rubio called the move 「 It is another case of President Biden's failure to protect the U. S. economy and national security 」. He urged the government to increase Huawei And other Chinese technology companies ,「 Instead of granting immunity 」.

Generally speaking , Most chips in cars don't need the most advanced manufacturing process , The latest U.S. approval does not reduce the impact on Huawei Limit standard of . However, a source close to the approval process said , Vehicle chips licensed by the U.S. government , It can have other features 5G Components of communication capability .

When asked about car chip licensing , A spokesman for the U. S. Department of Commerce said , The government will continue to implement the consistent licensing policy 「 Limit Huawei Access to goods 、 Software or technology , To carry out activities that may harm the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States .」

The spokesman added , The Ministry of commerce is prohibited from disclosing whether the license is approved .

Huawei China declined to comment on the licensing issue , It just means :「 We position ourselves as a new component supplier of intelligent networked vehicles , Our goal is to help car companies build good cars .」

「 If it is indeed a regular commodity , I think we are happy to let western countries and their companies get this part of the profits ,」 Senior officials of the Ministry of Commerce during the trump Administration Cordell Hull Say , This official helped formulate the US export policy to China in the former government .「 In this case , I don't see a huge national security risk .」

The United States has been citing threats to national security and diplomatic interests , Spare no effort to stop Huawei Development of key communication services .

2019 year 5 month , The United States will Huawei And its 68 Affiliated companies are included in 「 List of entities 」, It is prohibited to sell American goods and technology to the company without special permission . The United States tightened restrictions last year , prohibit Huawei Use chips made in any country using American equipment or technology . The United States has also been putting pressure on other governments , Blocked on network security grounds Huawei Participating countries 5G Network construction project .

Affected by this , Huawei stay 2021 The first half of the year recorded the largest revenue decline in the company's history . The previous US sanctions on its mobile phone chips were the most important factor , and Huawei Returns in new growth areas are still difficult to fill the gap .

Intelligent driving is Huawei One of the key development areas . stay 2019 year , Huawei Guan Xuan enters the field of intelligent auto parts . In the latest period of time , Huawei With BAIC respectively 、 Well off shares 、 changan 、 GAC 、 Nezha automobile has established a deep cooperative relationship , And launched MDC Intelligent driving computing platform and self research Laser radar technology . This year, 4 At the Shanghai auto show in June , Huawei Polar fox alpha in cooperation with BAIC S Officially listed , It has become the focus of people's attention .

Sources said , Huawei After obtaining a ten million dollar chip supply license , Apply again , Further increase the demand to billions of dollars of chip purchase quota . Generally speaking , The license is valid for four years .

Global electronic consulting company Supply Frame Chief marketing officer of Richard Barnett Express , Huawei In the process of investment 5 Trillion dollar auto market 「 Early stage 」, The intelligent driving market has great growth potential both at home and abroad .

Autonomous driving technology The development of is making technology companies eager to try cars . Tesla ended last week AI Day On , Elon · Musk has said :「 Our car is a semi intelligent robot with wheels .」 Baidu At the World Congress , Robin Li also proposed that L5 Concept of automotive robot with level 1 automatic driving capability :「 The car robot is different from the car we imagine , In fact, it will be more like a robot , This will also be the direction of automobile evolution in the future .」

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