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Professor Pieter abbel of UC Berkeley has started his class: Six introductory courses "deep reinforcement learning", and the handouts are downloaded for free

2021-09-01 00:32:22 Heart of machine

The course video is a little long , But I hope you can enjoy learning .

Will tradition Reinforcement learning And Deep neural network Depth of integration Reinforcement learning , Has long been regarded as closer to the human way of thinking Artificial intelligence Method . Deep learning With strong perception Ability, but lack of certain decision-making ability , Reinforcement learning Have decision-making ability, but be good at perception The problem is helpless , Therefore, the combination of the two can achieve the effect of complementary advantages , For complex systems perception Decision problems provide solutions .

Want to get started Reinforcement learning My classmates , Please pay high attention to , An excellent job 、 detailed 、 Comprehensive new teaching materials have appeared .

today ,UC Professor Berkeley Pieter Abbeel Upload your new course 《 depth Reinforcement learning Basics 》 The last video of , And on twitter Amway For a moment .

This course mainly introduces the Markov decision-making process (MDP) Basics 、 value iteration & Strategy iteration Maximum entropy model (Maxent)、Deep Q-Learning(DQN)、 Policy gradient 、TRPO、PPO、DDPG、SAC、 Model based Reinforcement learning The content such as .

This series of courses is divided into six lectures , At present, they are all in Youtube Publish on , And the courseware of each lecture is available for free download .

Video address :

Pieter Abbeel Especially emphasized :「 This may be a new and unknown field , And the course video takes a long time , But I hope you can enjoy it .」 This reminds the students who download the courseware in a hurry again , Try not to let this knowledge lie in the dust all the time .

Pieter Abbeel The professor is the director of Berkeley's robot learning laboratory and Berkeley Artificial intelligence (BAIR) The co director of the laboratory , The depth of the laboratory Reinforcement learning 、 depth Imitation learning 、 Deep unsupervised learning 、 The migration study Meta learning And the frontier of , as well as Artificial intelligence The social impact of research, etc .

before ,Abbeel Of Intro to AI In the course edX I'm attracted to you 10 More than 10000 students study , His depth Reinforcement learning And the depth of unsupervised learning materials is AI Researchers' classic learning materials , Include CS294-158(Deep Unsupervised Learning)、CS188(Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)、CS287(Advanced Robotics) etc. .

Of course , If you still have the strength after you finish learning , Here are some equally valuable courses to recommend to you :

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