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Help teaching and training practitioners to quickly transform and launch CSR projects

2021-09-01 00:39:50 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , Due to business constraints , The impact of strategic adjustment , A large number of online education practitioners may be laid off , Or adjusted career direction . The Research Institute of Drago recruitment data found that , since 2021 year 5 Month begins , The demand for online education talents fell precipitously , be in “ Resigned , You can get to the post quickly ” The proportion of online education talents is as high as 98.5%.

In order to help the teaching and training personnel through the difficult period of career , In recent days, , Beijing's first special job fair for talents in teaching and training industry was officially launched online , near 300 Launched by enterprises 3000 Multiple jobs waiting for job seekers . There are many kinds of enterprises participating in this job fair , Including information technology consulting service industry 、 Car Rental 、 advertisement 、 Biological medicine manufacturing industry, etc , The recruitment position also involves project director 、 The product manager 、Java Development engineers, etc .

In addition to the strong support of relevant national departments , Promote the reemployment of teaching and training personnel , It is also inseparable from the joint efforts of enterprises . In order to help the affected practitioners in the education and training industry quickly complete the transition of career bottleneck period , Realize career transformation , Pull the hook to push CSR Project products — Teaching and training industry transformation company camp .


It is reported that , The Transformation Company camp has set up 6 Big courses . From a correct understanding of their own advantages 、 A multi-dimensional view of the cognitive construction of career transformation , Practical skills in resume and interview preparation , Then to long-term career planning , Help practitioners in the education and training industry look at career development linearly , While making more accurate and reasonable judgments , Gain better career opportunities .

Besides , Lagoon also builds a bridge between teaching and training talents and enterprises , Introduce super 50 The talent needs of a large Internet factory , Improve the matching efficiency between employing enterprises and talents . For the problems encountered in the job search process , You can also seek resume refinement in the pull hook 、 Interview counseling and other professional support . The career mentors of Drago are all in the Internet industry with more than 10 Recruitment expert in , It has successful cases and best practices of top companies in various industries , It has assisted tens of thousands of people to complete career promotion or transformation .

Pull hook founder 、CEO Xu simply means :“ We will focus on the specific problems faced by practitioners in the education industry , Help practitioners in the online education industry transform smoothly , Take a new path in the workplace . This is the advantage of pull hook , It's also the responsibility of Drago .”

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