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Dada group: Haibo system cooperates with more than 120 large and medium-sized retailers and deploys more than 4300 stores

2021-09-01 00:40:01 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , Digital middle platform developed by dada group SaaS Dada Haibo system , Recently, Tianhong has intensively signed contracts 、 Maiden voyage 、 Large, 、 Huiyou and other top 100 supermarkets . By the end of this year 8 month , Dada Haibo system has been associated with more than 120 Cooperation between large and medium-sized chain retailers , The number of app stores deployed exceeded 4300 home .

According to the China Chain Store Association (CCFA) Newly released 2020 Top 100 supermarkets in China , existing 45 Top 100 supermarkets signed up to use Haibo system . Based on openness 、 neutral 、 Flexible deployment 、 Stable function 、 System characteristics of continuous iteration , And help physical retail reduce costs and increase efficiency 、 Application effectiveness to maximize sales , Haibo system has been widely recognized by application merchants .

According to introducing , Dada Haibo system is a digital middle platform developed by dada group SaaS System , Provide integrated Omni channel digital solutions for chain retailers . With the arrival of Omni channel retail outlet , Online and offline integration 、 All channels from home to store have become the standard configuration of stores . But in the actual digital transformation and multi-channel daily operation , Many retailers face common pain points , For example, it is difficult to perform the contract 、 Operational inefficiency 、 The account is not clear , And the positive impact from new business forms such as community group buying .

Haibo system is equipped with performance optimization 、 Commodity management 、 Member operations 、 Five capability modules of marketing activities and digital kanban , It can solve the pain points of chain retailers' omni-channel operation and performance , Help businesses improve the efficiency of online Omni channel operation 、 cost reduction 、 Maximize sales , Building differentiated competitiveness .

in addition , Haibo system can be connected with a set of systems at one time , Help businesses lower the threshold 、 Stable 、 Efficient operation of online Omni channel business . Can be overall 、 R & D output can also be divided into modules , And according to the current situation of business development , Meet the personalized needs of businesses . Its system stability reaches 99.99%, Data consistency 99.99%, The reconciliation consistency rate is as high as 99.999%.

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