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Rookies open bonded goods warehouse delivery service, and imported goods can reach the next day

2021-09-01 00:40:15 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , recently , Rookies and tmall global have launched bonded goods delivery service by warehouse , Imported goods can reach... The next day .

It is reported that , Importers entering domestic bonded warehouses need to go through data declaration 、 After submission of materials , The customs will not release until there is no error in the inspection . After placing an order, consumers need to submit their personal ID card information in time , Goods can only be cleared and delivered , The whole process is more complex than the bulk trade model . The traditional bonded mode is that one warehouse is distributed all over the country , On average, a bonded article needs to be tossed 1000 Multi kilometer haul distance , To finally reach consumers .

And partition delivery , According to the sales volume of goods in different regions , Transfer goods between different bonded warehouses in advance . The goods purchased online by users in the region are shipped from the nearest warehouse , Save an average of two-thirds of the haul distance , Logistics aging has changed from the previous average 3-5 From day to day, even that day . Rookies and tmall global will not increase the logistics cost of businesses , Through warehouse allocation and delivery planning , Large scale bonded goods will reach... The next day .

Sun Beibei, general manager of rookie international import, said , Because the import business scenario is complex , There are many difficulties to overcome in the distribution of bonded goods , It's a challenge for us . Bonded goods are different from those imported in general bulk trade , The entry requirements of Customs at all ports are high , The transferred goods need to be filed , In case of damage 、 The situation of more goods and less goods , It needs to be handled in coordination with the customs , The process is more complex and rigorous .

Rookies rely on international logistics capabilities and digital supply chain technology , Join tmall global to invest technical force in development , Targeted solutions to difficulties and stuck points . Sun Beibei said ,“ We will continue to promote the service of bonded goods in separate warehouses, arriving on the next day or even on the same day , Help businesses drive sales growth with efficient logistics , Let more consumers enjoy the convenience of imported bonded goods logistics services .”

at present , Rookie international import bonded warehousing network covers the whole country 21 Big port , It covers an area of more than one million square meters , Thousands of brands around the world 、 Merchants have joined the network . meanwhile , Rookie bonded network provides high-quality “ Cangguan dry preparation ” Integrated solutions , Help businesses save manpower involved in logistics links 、 Material resources and economic costs .

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