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Still worried about the inconvenience of mobile office? Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 5g gives you the answer

2021-09-01 00:40:41 TechWeb

Facing the accelerating pace of life today , Use smart phones for telecommuting and mobile office , It has become a part of many people's daily life . The folding screen mobile phone has a large screen and outstanding multi task interaction experience , In office, compared with traditional mobile phones, it has natural advantages . Samsung recently launched Galaxy Z Fold3 5G mobile phone , It continues many highlights of the series in mobile office , And brings new and upgraded configurations and functions , Make productivity jump again .

For users who need to use mobile phones frequently , Use the internal large screen of the folding screen mobile phone , It is common to open multiple applications for multitasking at the same time , If the multi task interaction function of mobile phone is powerful , It will improve work efficiency . samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G When multitasking , It supports three applications to be opened at the same time and used separately . Like in a video conference , You can play video while 、 Looking up the information 、 While sending and receiving mail , It greatly reduces the complex operation caused by switching programs back and forth .

More than that , If users often use several specific applications at the same time , These applications can be saved in a combined form , Next time you use it, you can open it with one click , And restore the previous split screen layout , Quite convenient . samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Also added a fixed mode for the side taskbar , The user does not need to go back to the home screen , You can quickly switch between applications directly through the fixed side taskbar , Save the operation steps again , Improve efficiency .

Since Samsung's second generation folding screen used invisible hinge Technology , The vertical interactive mode that can expand the folding screen mobile phone to different angles and rotate and stop is favored by users . In vertical interactive mode , The folding screen mobile phone can stand on the desktop , With adaptive split screen function , Users can operate it as if they were using a laptop , It is very convenient to handle the work . In the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G in , The adaptive ability in vertical interactive mode has been upgraded , Now there are more applications to adapt this mode , Users can feel more rich and high-quality vertical interactive experience .

samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Another important way to achieve productivity improvement is to join in S Pen Function support , Familiar with Samsung Galaxy Note Users of the series must be right S Pen Impressive experience . This time, users can use the customized exclusive S Pen Directly at Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Operate on the internal main screen of , Further enhance the excellent multitasking experience , Mobile office is easier . such as , In vertical interactive mode , Users can use S Pen Tap the bottom half of the screen twice , To quickly open Samsung notes , Record important information ; adopt S Pen Handwritten text can also be converted into convenient editing in real time 、 Stored and shared text , In order to make more applications . meanwhile , This time Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Exclusive use S Pen Also optimized , It adopts scalable Pro Special design of pen tip and pressure sensing control technology , So that users can have a more comfortable writing and interactive experience , It can also better protect the internal home screen of the mobile phone . Its lower writing delay , It also provides a more consistent and intuitive experience when taking notes and sending messages .

samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G In multitasking 、 Enhancements on vertical interaction mode , Match again S Pen Use , So that users can give full play to their productivity and creativity , Bring a folding screen mobile office experience that comprehensively surpasses traditional mobile phones , It is the best choice for people who pursue an efficient life .

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