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How to promote Feng Shui industry

2021-09-01 01:22:18 Che Meiqi

Feng Shui fortune teller , It has always been a very popular industry , Because there is not much cost , So the competitors are very big , It will only appear in public view in recent years , Suddenly found that this is a very lucrative industry , Today, let's talk about how he promoted .

1、 Audio content acquisition

The advantage of audio is that it doesn't need to be modified like the article , Find software to do pseudo original , Easier to handle , And the paragraphs are original . Everyone on the front page recommends hot articles .

Audio content acquisition , The way is : Find explosive text .

Someone will ask how to find Po Wen ? People who have done we media should have experience , headlines 、UC These platforms are full of traces of combat , The official account is also a good source , The foundation of these platforms , Not afraid of the lack of audio content . I'm afraid you don't think .

I have several high-quality articles on my hand , Use your own language at this time , Prepare the recording software , Express the content of the article , Even if the prototype of an audio is completed . It's that simple .

In fact, the principle between projects is the same , The article is modified by using other people's explosive text and pseudo original , Audio is the use of good explosive text Reporting Language , The video is completed by using good audio and pictures .

2、 Audio production

With the explosive material , Then there is the recording software , Using computer recording can use KK video recorder , The phone can use its own recording software , Music can be added according to personal needs , Many video albums have .

Drainage methods : Directly on your home page 、 Album cover 、 Recording name 、 Leave your contact information .

3、 Promote drainage

1、 Build a good individual in the early stage IP, WeChat official account 、 Build a wechat circle of friends .

2、 Account Avatar , You'd better make your own unique avatar , High recognition , For fans' memory and browsing .

3、 Circle of friends material , It's said above , There are many articles on Feng Shui and numerology , You just need to read it out in audio , tieba , Baidu library , Weibo has such articles in various places , Even if you update it one day 10 individual , Don't worry at all. There's no material for you to use .( Learn more from your peers !) Add... Every day 10 Colleagues , You'll have your own thinking in a month .

4、 Update time : Keep the frequency updated , Like once a day , Three times a day , Imperceptibly remind your fans , I updated , It's time for you to listen to my work .

5、 Multi platform operation , Like dragonflies FM, penguin FM, The Himalayan FM, litchi FM, Reading FM…… In addition, short video platforms can also try to do , Well quickly 、 Tiktok 、 Micro vision 、 Watermelon video and so on .

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