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What is the authentication of Kwai service number?

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What is the Kwai service number? ?

The service number is a tool specially designed for Kwai Chung's vast businesses and individuals with business intentions. , After you open the service number, you will have a business home page different from your personal home page , The business homepage can carry the function that the business needs , To get more transaction conversion .


Generally speaking , Merchants or individuals who have opened the official authentication of service number , Will be more convincing than ordinary numbers , Ranking higher in search , Naturally, there are more advantages in carrying goods !

What functions does the service number have ?

1) Smart phone :

Merchants can set the contact number on the home page , It is convenient for users to quickly contact businesses and experience services , More three-dimensional enhancement of the contact surface between users and businesses .

To protect business privacy , The telephone number displayed by the merchant will be changed to 400 Virtual telephone , Merchant functions will be added in the background 400 Smart phone clue management function , Help businesses establish continuous contact with users and obtain more business opportunities .

2) Lead management :

An entrance to help businesses manage clues , Retention clues collected by merchants through various functions of service number , Will gather here for management .

Each call can be followed up 、 Inquire about 、 Marking, etc . Lead management is a free feature , But it needs to be used with other products .

3) Kwai

The platform helps businesses promote their works , Improve work exposure and transaction conversion rate . This is a free feature

 4) Location

Use to add any geographic location , It is convenient for users to find the business store or office location .

Geographic location is a privilege for authenticated users .

5) Online consulting

When users see the promotion tasks they are interested in , You can choose to leave your contact information , Businesses will be based on the relevant information left by users , Match relevant personnel to enter Contact the bank in time , The function not only meets the needs of merchants' promotion services , Also for the

It is convenient for users to obtain interested service information .

6) Home decoration ( Exclusive benefits of paid authenticated users )

Meet the personalized home page needs of merchants , You can configure the carousel map 、 Live booking 、 Recommend the video 、 Selected goods 、 Activity topic 、 Recommended talent and other components , Create an exclusive marketing position for merchants .

7) Coupon ( coupon 、 Full discount 、 Third party ticketing website )

Add merchant discount , Attract users to spend , Improve the transformation of business transactions .

The coupon is the exclusive benefit of certified users .

in addition , The upgraded merchant number can also carry out matrix operation of letter account , Further improve business operation efficiency !

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