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Hardcore observation 375 Godson was accused of copying MIPS code from loongarch's kernel code

2021-09-01 01:34:54 Linux China

Godson accused LoongArch Copy kernel code MIPS Code

Godson launched this summer 3A5000 processor , The processor is based on Godson LoongArch Instruction set architecture (ISA) On , Godson describes it as “ A new kind of RISC ISA”. but Linux Upstream maintainers of the kernel are reviewing LoongArch When submitting your code ,“ You keep saying ‘ No MIPS’, But all I see is MIPS Blind copying of code .” After giving some specific comments on the submitted code , The defender finally said ,“ Since the first version I reviewed , I don't see much progress . This is still equally outdated 、 Broken MIPS Code , It's just a change of name .” According to foreign media Phoronix ,LoongArch Some of the patches are really new , But so far, no breakthrough differences or exciting new features of these processors have been pointed out , Unfortunately , The public documents of Godson technology also do not show any ISA Differences, etc .

If Godson can't come up with essentially different improvements , Probably rejected by the kernel community .

IEEE The survey shows that Python Is the most popular programming language

according to IEEE Of ,Python、Java、C and C++ Is the top four programming languages . And usually at the top of such surveys JavaScript Fifth place . by comparison ,StackOverflow It was reported earlier this month that ,JavaScript Become the most used language .Redmonk Analysts also put JavaScript Put it first , Developer Tools JetBrains The same is true in its developer ecosystem survey .IEEE The survey came from 8 From three sources 11 Indicators .IEEE The reasons for the different findings may be , although JavaScript Probably the most popular language , But it's definitely not the most searched or talked about .

No matter what the most popular is Python still JavaScript, You should learn at least one of them .

Microsoft will no longer allow Chromebook Users install native Android Office application

from 9 From the middle of the month , Microsoft will suggest that you want to run Office The software Chromebook User use based on Web Of Office application , However, it will continue to provide native services for other Android platforms Office application . Microsoft explained , Web version of the application “ by Chrome OS/Chromebook Users provide an optimized experience ”.8 month 13 Japan , Microsoft has updated its on “” Support page for :" Android version of Office、Outlook、OneNote and OneDrive Currently in Chromebook It's not supported .“ And before last week , The same support page also suggests Chromebook User from Google Play Shop installation Office Native Android version of the application .

This is Microsoft Watch Chrome OS It's very unpleasant .

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