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After ten years of flicking fingers, only the original heart of millet and rice noodles remained unchanged

2021-09-01 01:35:16 TechWeb

8 month 10 Friday night ,2021 Lei Jun's annual speech 、 Xiaomi's autumn new product launch was held , The products on the stage of the press conference include Xiaomi MIX 4 、 Xiaomi tablet of the lifetime series 5 / 5 Pro 、 Two paragraphs OLED TV 、 millet Sound Hi Fi smart speakers and CyberDog And so on , Another one is called “ Iron egg ” The dog of .

But what really put Xiaomi on the hot search , nevertheless 3.7 A hundred million red envelopes . At the press conference , Lei Jun announced in public , To repay the first users , Xiaomi will buy Xiaomi's mobile phone 1 All users send value 1999 Yuan's red envelope . The news , It attracted the cheers of countless rice noodles . Everyone praised , Xiaomi's pattern and feelings , Directly filled .

Believe in rice noodles , Rely on rice noodles

millet CEO Lei Jun said on the release :“ Believe in rice noodles , Rely on rice noodles ”, It means that rice noodles will continue to be the first in the future . He always sticks to his original intention , I believe that with the support of rice noodles , Xiaomi is bound to have the driving force for sustainable growth .

Ten years ago ,2011 Year of 8 month 6 Japan , In Beijing, 798 Art Center , Xiaomi released its first smartphone . Sale day , The three floors outside the scene were crowded with rice noodles , Release millet 1 When it comes to cell phones , The audience cheered and screamed for half a minute , Lei Jun's hanging heart finally put down .

same day , millet 1 That is to say 1999 At a price of yuan , By the end of 12 month 17 Japan , millet 1 A total of 18.46 Ten thousand units , About 3.7 One hundred million yuan . Lei Jun sincerely thanked him for 1999 Buy the first generation Xiaomi mobile phone at the price of yuan 18.47 ten thousand people , It was the first mobile phones sold 3.7 Billion yuan gives Xiaomi the capital to move forward . So Xiaomi officials decided , These users who buy these phones will be issued 1999 Yuan's red envelope . It's equivalent to putting this 3.7 Yiquan returned it .

This batch of “ insane ” The rice noodles gave Xiaomi a good start , In Xiaomi's trough , Give Xiaomi the courage to go on . Even when Xiaomi was questioned , Many rice noodles still pay attention to Xiaomi as always , Carefully and considerately posted suggestions in Xiaomi community , I hope Xiaomi can improve next time . so to speak , When Xiaomi encountered difficulties , It is time for Xiaomi and rice noodles to go hand in hand more firmly .

conference , Lei Jun also mentioned the breaking of Xiaomi's listing in Hong Kong stocks 、 Millet was released online during the epidemic 10 、 Build a flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 11 Ultra 、 Being sanctioned by the United States and then suing the U.S. government , The experience in recent years can be said to be ups and downs .

In the process of Xiaomi's counter attack , In addition to Lei Jun's extraordinary courage and insight as a leader , In addition to Xiaomi's own technical strength , It also depends on the consistent trust and encouragement of rice noodles .

Two 、 Ten years of gratitude , millet 19 The new policy was implemented

It is rice flour that recognizes Xiaomi , It gives Xiaomi the power to continue to create brilliance . To give back rice noodles , Give back to users , Lei Jun once said :“ We will never focus on profit , Rice noodles will be used 、 User centered .”

You bet , In Xiaomi's products , Whether it's Xiaomi's mobile phone , Xiaomi can only use household appliances 、 Millet TV 、 Even Xiaomi's decision to build a car , Can see “ Because rice noodles 、 So the millet ” Sincerity and love . More Than This , The decade since Xiaomi was founded , Organized “ Rice noodle family banquet ”、“ Rice noodles and popcorn activities ”、“ Rice noodles open day”、“ Xiaomi community communication ” And a series of fan themed activities .

Especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year , Xiaomi will organize “ Xiaomi family banquet ”, Banqueting 100 representatives of rice noodles from all over the country to reunite at Xiaomi headquarters , Lei Jun and other executives attended in person , This all makes Xiaomi fans excited and revel .

In this year 2 month , Held in Xiaomi “ Lei Jun talks about rice noodles ” In the activity , Xiaomi through microblogging and Xiaomi community , Collected online 21128 Suggestions for a piece of rice noodles . this 21128 Suggestions for a piece of rice noodles , stay 4 month 6 At the Party of the rice noodle festival on the th , Quickly landed as Xiaomi 19 A new user related policy , These include “ Hold monthly user exchange meetings ”、“ After sales outlets cover 1600 home ”、“ The amount of parcel post in Xiaomi shopping mall is reduced to 69 element ” etc. . Suggestions for rice noodle users , Xiaomi is always the most important treasure . This moved countless rice noodles .

3、 ... and 、 Make friends with rice noodles , Growing up together

These ten years , Countless rice noodles , Have witnessed the rise of Xiaomi step by step , Accompanied Xiaomi to grow all the way . They have been silently supporting Xiaomi , And Xiaomi has changed their lives to a certain extent .《 Daily figures 》 I interviewed several rice noodles , Tell their story with Xiaomi .

There is a girl named Zhang Weihuan , She originally designed her own life path when she was in College , I graduated with a master's degree in food processing safety , Then work for the Quality Inspection Bureau . But because of his affinity with Xiaomi , Become a digital blogger , Life becomes rich and colorful .

Entrepreneur Li Xiaofeng , The company we founded was in crisis ,2020 I heard Lei Jun's 10 Inspired by the anniversary speech , He chose to insist , Now his company is getting back on track .

excited ! one 's eyes run over with tears ! This is senior rice noodles , This year, 51 Year old ah zhe , Describe when he was watching Xiaomi's press conference , See the birth of MIX The feeling of time .

Once the press conference is over , He decided to support Xiaomi , He rarely spent more than 5000 to buy the top matching exclusive edition directly , There is a gold ring next to the camera .“ The earliest millet is back ” He shouted excitedly , He felt elated .

Ah zhe said , I am no longer a young man , But Xiaomi makes him feel young all the time 、 Always confident , He said :“ It turns out that I am not an unknown little stone , It may also sprout and grow up , Grow into a big tree in the sky ”.

Millet and rice noodles , It has already become a whole . This point , It is also the original intention of Xiaomi and Lei Jun , Never changed . Maybe ten years. , It's just a flick of the finger in the long river of history , But we can still believe , Xiaomi will create countless such brilliant decades , And rice noodles , Always a supporter and companion .

Lei Jun once said :“ Think back to the past 11 year , I think the most important thing about Xiaomi is , Chose a very different path , We chose to be friends with users forever . When we encounter difficulties several times , We have received the most selfless support and help from our rice noodle friends .”

You bet , Xiaomi has encountered too many challenges in the past decade , But whatever the crisis , Every time you can save yourself , This is inseparable from the support and trust of rice noodles . And Xiaomi's continuous growth , It also gives rice noodles more enlightenment and guidance .

Xiaomi mobile phone these ten years , It's not just about Xiaomi and Lei Jun , It's also a story about rice noodles . Work together , Growing up together is the tone of their story .

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