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It is reported that Lei Jun and Li Xueling plan to privatize huanju group

2021-09-01 01:50:13 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , Some media reported that Li Xueling, chairman of huanju group, and Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi group, planned to privatize huanju group , The valuation may reach 80 Billion dollars .

2012 year 11 month , The happy gathering era is listed on NASDAQ in the United States ,2021 year 3 The monthly report shows , Li Xueling holds shares 23.2%、 Lei Jun holds shares 7.8%.

last year 11 month 17 Japan , Baidu announced the signing of a final binding agreement with huanju group , Wholly owned acquisition of domestic live broadcasting business of huanju group ( namely “YY live broadcast ”), The total transaction amount is about 36 Billion dollars , The acquisition part includes but is not limited to YY Mobile application 、 Website 、YY PC Client, etc . Upon completion of the transaction ,YY Live broadcast will join Baidu .

But in the past 2 The day after 19 Japan , Muddy water, a well-known short agency, said , The survey shows that YY The live broadcast is about 90% It's all fake data . Buy Baidu YY Live broadcast adds variables .

however , In this year's 2 month 9 Huanju group announced that , Muddy water related YY The allegations and conclusions of the live broadcasting business after a comprehensive review , Not confirmed . Its YY The sale of live broadcasting business to Baidu company has been basically completed .

According to huanju group 8 month 19 Yesterday's 2021 The second quarter of the financial year , The net revenue of huanju group in the second quarter was 6.617 Billion dollars , With the same period last year 4.735 US $billion growth 39.7%; The net loss from continuing operations attributable to the controlling interest of huanju group was 1.093 Billion dollars , In comparison, the net loss for the same period last year was 2850 Thousands of dollars , Year on year expansion .

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