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1000 days! Chinese Ambassador calls Meng Wanzhou

2021-09-01 02:15:13 Sogou wechat


Screenshot of the website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada

8 month 25 Japan , Ambassador Cong Peiwu to Canada spoke with Ms. Meng Wanzhou over the phone to express his cordial condolences . Ambassador Cong said , You were arbitrarily detained in Canada 1000 In the sky , I would like to express my deep sympathy and condolences . We strongly condemn Canada's wrong actions .

I want to emphasize , The Chinese government resolutely safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and enterprises , Any attempt to bully 、 All acts of bullying the Chinese people will be dealt a severe blow . We will continue to urge Canada to face up to its serious mistakes 、 Face up to the political nature of the incident 、 Face up to China's solemn position 、 Face up to 14 The strong public opinion of more than 100 million Chinese people , Make the right decision to release you as soon as possible . Please strengthen your confidence , take care . We are looking forward to your safe return home as soon as possible .

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