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Kwai service certification service number

2021-09-01 02:29:49 Station master number

Now, we are entering Kwai Chung's active businesses. , Many choose to carry out merchant number authentication , Because the merchant number is a kind of promotion , There will be cash conversion , However, at this stage, the newly upgraded service number replaces the previous merchant number , Kwai Tung business certification is actually a business that has opened service numbers. .


What is the Kwai service number? ?

The service number is a tool specially designed for Kwai Chung's vast businesses and individuals with business intentions. , After you open the service number, you will have a business home page different from your personal home page , The business homepage can carry the function that the business needs , To get more transaction conversion .

Generally speaking , Merchants or individuals who have opened the official authentication of service number , Will be more convincing than ordinary numbers , Ranking higher in search , Naturally, there are more advantages in carrying goods .

What are the specific advantages of Kwai service number certification? ?

Advantage 1 : Top of the list

High exposure position + Quality video content + Eye catching cover title , It is the key factor to attract users' attention . Choose the right work to top C position , Easier access to fans .

Advantage 2 : One key dialing

Improve the communication efficiency between users and merchants , It is more conducive to pre-sales transformation 、 After sales service

Advantage three : One click navigation

Select the exact geographic location , Submit audit , Users can quickly find offline stores by directly identifying and searching , Direct consumption .

Advantage 4 : Category segmentation

The merchant number supports product classification , Merchants can select account category , Strengthen account professional setting , Enhance fan trust , It's easier to close .

Advantage five : Fan headline discount

Merchant number enjoys exclusive promotion discount , If your work is good enough , You can also enjoy a certain promotion discount , Fast start , Improve business growth .

Advantage six : @ Aggregate page

Kwai user initiative @ Your videos will be automatically aggregated , Focus on your personal home page @ Below me . Businesses can @ Aggregate page content for hiding settings , Filter more premium video presentations .

Advantage seven : Lotteries distribution

Distributing coupons can not only increase the stickiness of fans , You can also get good revenue from going to the store . Jutui media as an owner Officially authorized service provider company , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . To learn more, add us WeChat jutui23, You can also make a phone call :010-86399611 Consultation .  



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