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"Hello, robot - human, machine and design" exhibition opened at the modern automobile culture center

2022-02-02 12:46:34 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , Hyundai Motor Works with the Vitra Design Museum 《 Hello , robot - human beings 、 Machine and design 》 The exhibition officially opened at the modern automobile culture center .

according to the understanding of ,《 Hello , robot - human beings 、 Machine and design 》 The exhibition is on 2017 It made its debut in Europe in . And in 2021 year 8 month , The first exhibition in Asia was held in Busan modern automobile culture center . The debut at the modern automobile culture center , It will help Chinese audiences better understand robot technology as part of their daily life , And stimulate in-depth thinking on man-machine relationship and interaction .

This exhibition 《 Hello , robot - human beings 、 Machine and design 》, A comprehensive review of Robotics , It goes beyond the presentation of form and function , Comprehensive coverage of industrial design 、 science 、 Film and television 、 art 、 Ideas and examples in many fields such as architecture , It shows the audience how to re understand robot technology from the perspective of design , And how to face the complexity reflected behind social development .

The exhibition starts from “ Science and imagination ” Unit start , Lead the audience to rethink their understanding of robots , From classic images in popular culture to ubiquitous robots or robot systems in daily life , Hint at the complexity behind the robot definition ;“ Design for work ” and “ Friends and assistants ” The two modules discuss the topics most closely related to the present - The robot is working 、 The influence of production and industry and the existence of robots as human friends and assistants , It shows the industrial possibility behind the rapid development of technology and the accompanying humanistic thinking ; Last ,“ be made one ” It depicts the fusion from the human body in the form of increasingly advanced technology , To the residence building , And even the broader environment .

From industry 4.0、 Deep learning 、 To biohackers 、 Intelligent City , For the first time in history, has mankind possessed the technological knowledge and tools to make science fiction a reality ? As an individual or on behalf of the whole society , How to choose and deal with these new technologies ? How do you hope to deal with the increasingly intelligent future ? The exhibition adopts a series of open questions , Make people know more about and understand how robot technology exists in people's life , And think about the near future , How should humans and robots coexist .

The data shows , Hyundai Automobile Culture Center is a special brand experience space , It aims to show the artistic soul of the company and its influence on Art 、 An attempt at art experiments in many fields such as design and Technology . ad locum , The public can understand... As the vocabulary of the automotive industry “motor”, And space for reflection and creation “studio” The combination of .

Hyundai Motor Group was founded in 1967 year , stay 200 Several countries / The region offers many world-class vehicles and travel services .2019 year , Hyundai cars are sold worldwide 440 More than ten thousand cars , It currently has about... Worldwide 120,000 Employees . The company continues to expand its automotive product lineup , Welcome a more sustainable future , At the same time, it is also providing innovative solutions for real-world travel challenges . In the process , Hyundai aims to provide intelligent travel solutions , Build relationships , Provide customers with a quality experience , promote “ Human progress ”.

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