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Rivian announced the construction of a second new plant in Georgia, worth $5 billion

2022-02-02 12:46:38 TechWeb

12 month 17 Daily news , Electric vehicle start-ups on Thursday local time Rivian Jointly announce with the representative of Georgia ,Rivian A second value building will be built locally 50 A billion dollar electric car factory , The annual production capacity is expected to reach 40 Ten thousand electric cars .

It is reported that , Get the investment of well-known e-commerce Amazon Rivian There is already a factory in Illinois , The company's first electric pickup truck went offline from there . Months before , The industry has been speculating Rivian Where will the second factory be located . according to Rivian That's what I'm saying , The new plant in Georgia will be in 2022 Construction started in the summer of , And is expected to 2024 Electric cars began to be produced in .

Thursday Rivian According to , Its first two R1S electric SUV Shipment has started . The company promises to produce... For Amazon 10 10000 customized electric delivery vehicles , So it has been looking for new sites to build new factories .

before Rivian Has been negotiating the construction of a new plant in flowsworth, Texas , And evaluate “ Multiple sites ”. Located in... Georgia Rivian The new factory will be built about an hour's drive east of Atlanta , Planned employment 7500 workers .Rivian Express , The company also plans to build a battery production facility at the same site . It's not clear yet Rivian How much incentive from the local , But the local media released last week Rivian News that a new factory will be built in the local area , Indicates that this figure is expected to “ amazing ”.

Rivian Founded on 2009 year , Progress was slow before , until 2018 It began to get public attention in . The company's R1T Electric pickup and R1S electric SUV It made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show , Since then ,Rivian It began to show explosive growth . The company employs thousands of employees , From Amazon 、 ford 、 Puxin and other companies have raised billions of dollars , Recently, it has also been publicly listed , Become the largest in American history IPO One of .

but Rivian It has also paid a high price in development . The company said , To 2023 It is expected to invest at the end of the year 80 Billion dollars . Thursday Rivian According to , only 2021 Third quarter of 2007 , The company loses money 12.3 Billion dollars , But with the delivery of the first batch 11 car R1T Electric pickup , The company finally achieved revenue , The sales volume recorded in the quarter was 100 Thousands of dollars .Rivian Express , So far, the company has produced 652 An electric car , Delivered 386 car , Including the first two R1S electric SUV, but “ And 2021 Annual production 1200 Compared with the goal of , Hundreds of cars are still missing ”.

Rivian Shares closed down on Thursday 5%, In after hours trading, it fell more than 3%. In a letter to shareholders, the company said :“ We have encountered one of the most complex supply chain environments in the history of the automotive industry .”“ We are gratified by , Although the problems we encountered are challenging , But it's not a systemic problem in essence .”

Rivian Have... At the end of the third quarter 52 $billion in cash , But the company says , Thanks to the IPO And recent rounds of financing , The figure has risen to 199 Billion dollars .

before Rivian The company said , Has been received R1T and R1S About... Of the two electric vehicles 5.5 Ten thousand orders , The company said , It will take two years to complete these orders and the production of Amazon delivery vehicles . In a document submitted to regulators on Thursday ,Rivian Indicates that the order volume has risen to 7.1 Thousands of cars . Whereas Rivian Other models may be introduced in the future , And plans to sell electric trucks to other enterprises , So more capacity is needed . at present ,Rivian The plant in Illinois can only produce 15 Thousands of cars , but Rivian Express , To 2023 year , This figure can be expanded to 20 Thousands of cars .

at present Rivian It's just a growth story of the capital market , Bank of America Securities analyst John · Murphy (John Murphy) Et al ,Rivian At least until 2025 Net operating profit can only be obtained in .

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