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Win10 store fishing app

2022-02-02 12:47:54 TechWeb

12 month 17 Japan news : Fishing used to mean catching fish in the water , Now it is mostly used to refer to doing things unrelated to work during working hours . In the face of busy work , Proper fishing can improve work efficiency .

In recent days, , Some netizens found a product called “ loaf on a job ” Of APP stay Win10  The shop is on the shelves , Instantly resonate with netizens , Not long ago # loaf on a job app# Hot topics on the search , At present, the topic has reached 9660 ten thousand , Discuss super 1100.

According to the APP Introduce ,“ It's a joke App. Click on “ loaf on a job ” After the button, the application will display a Windows Update The picture , Make your boss think your computer is upgrading . Then you can have a rest , Proper rest can rejuvenate your brain , Can face more challenges , Work more efficiently .”

Facing the shortage of software , The developer also gives the corresponding solution called :

Known problems 1: Can't handle multiple screens . resolvent : Turn off the redundant display , Let them have a rest . Known problems 2: You cannot hide the mouse pointer . resolvent : Move the mouse to the right or below the screen , Hide .

It is reported that , at present , This software only supports Xbox、Windows 10 edition 17763.0 Or later 、Windows 10 edition 19041.0 Or later .

Regarding this , Netizens have proposed that “XP、win7、Mac What about the system ”,“ It was good , Now everyone knows on the hot search ”.

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