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The ant graph calculation is upgraded to the new version of tugraph, and the query efficiency is improved by 10 times

2022-02-02 12:48:24 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , Graph computing, as the top technology in the field of artificial intelligence and big data, has attracted much attention . stay 16 Day convened CNCC2021( China Computer Conference ) On , Professor of Tsinghua University 、 Chen Wenguang, head of ant graph computing technology, announced , Ant group and Tsinghua University independently developed “ Large scale graph computing system GeaGraph” Formal upgrade to TuGraph , And finished the product 3.0 Iteration of version . The efficiency of version query after iteration is improved 10 times , More compatible .

According to introducing ,TuGraph 3.0 in the light of OpenCypher Query performance optimization , Increase the coverage of various query scenarios , The offline data import function is optimized , To meet the offline data import requirements in various scenarios , Implementation include MySQL、SQL Server、Oracle、PostgreSQL、HDFS、Hive、HBase、OTS、ODPS And other heterogeneous data sources TuGraph Efficient data synchronization .

Chen says , Ant group graph technology has a leading online network 、 Nearline 、 Offline three line computing power , Figure simulation data of one year can be in 3 Days to complete , In the international leading level , At the same time, it has the world's leading graph database cluster .

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Gartner stay 《2021 Top 10 data and analysis technology trends in 》 The report predicts , To 2025 Year chart technology will be applied to 80% Innovation in data and Analysis . From a global perspective , Graph computing technology has been applied to financial security 、 Internet 、 Industry 、 Biological medicine 、 Public safety 、 Smart city and many other fields , Become a global R & D Organization 、 Start up companies , And the wave following of large technology companies “ New air outlet ”.

according to the understanding of , At present, ant group has TuGraph Large scale application in the field of financial security , Become an important infrastructure for business risk control capability , It provides industry-leading real-time and large-scale sequence diagram analysis capabilities for all business scenarios of ant group , In digital payment 、 Digital services 、 In core businesses such as digital Finance , It significantly improves the real-time identification ability of risk behavior and the efficiency of trial and analysis .

Ant group TuGraph It has also been officially opened to society , It has been applied in the typical scenarios of more than ten enterprises , For example, it cooperates with the Research Institute of China national network of home appliances , take TuGraph Used for power grid operation simulation . Next ,TuGraph Plans to offer free trial versions to developers .

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