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Abuse sanctions! Us "entity list" involves another 8 Chinese Listed Companies

2022-02-02 12:48:26 TechWeb

Thursday morning local time , Department of Commerce, bureau of industry and security (BIS) The announcement said , Will be located in China 、 Georgia 、 Dozens of entities in Malaysia and Turkey are included in the so-called “ List of entities ”(Entity List), Among them is 34 Two entities are located in China .


In Thursday's announcement , The excuse given by the US Department of commerce includes the so-called “ Against U.S. foreign policy or national security interests ” etc. . According to the announcement , Thursday was included in “ detailed list ” The entity involves multiple A Share listed company or parent subsidiary company . among A Companies include aerospace Chenguang 、 Jingjiawei 、 Torch Electronics 、 Hangzhou Haikang micro shadow sensing technology ( Comview )、 Inner Mongolia one machine 、 Hengtong photoelectric 、 Zhongtian Technology , And Yacheng micro of the new third board company .


In terms of impact , Be included in “ detailed list ” The entity will be affected by the United States 《 Export regulations 》 The limitation of , The exporter deals with the listed entity for controlled items ( Including exports 、 Re export or even domestic transfer ) front , Must obtain the corresponding export license .

Tianfeng securities communications analysts believe that , At present, Zhongtian Technology and Hengtong optoelectronics have no U.S. business or related income , Its raw materials and equipment are not purchased from the United States , Therefore, the so-called list restriction will have little impact on the company .

For the repeated use of “ List of entities ” Suppress Chinese enterprises for no reason , Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also responded to relevant issues at this week's regular press conference .

Zhao Lijian said , Economic globalization is an objective reality and historical trend , China has always believed that scientific and technological achievements should help all mankind , It should not be a limitation 、 The means to curb the development of other countries . Individual politicians on the US side have generalized the concept of national security , Politicize science and technology and economic and trade issues 、 tools 、 Ideological , Against the principles of market economy and fair competition , It will only threaten and damage the global industrial chain 、 Supply chain security , Breaking the rules of international trade , It is a typical political manipulation of harming others and not benefiting oneself .

Zhao Lijian also pointed out , The US side should work with the international community , Maintain openness 、 fair 、 justice 、 Non discriminatory technological development and international business environment . We advise some people on the US side , Abandoning cold war thinking and ideological prejudice , Stop abusing state power to unreasonably suppress China's specific fields and enterprises , Stop acts that violate the principles of market economy and international trade rules . China will, as always, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises .

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