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Home page of Baijia blue V certification

2022-02-02 15:03:03 dongxiaofeng

Function entry

Home page of Baijia - Sidebar -「 laboratory 」-「 Home page configuration 」.

Functional specifications

「 Home page configuration 」 Include 「 Basic information 」、「 Home page configuration 」 Two plates ,「 Basic information 」 You can view the name of the account 、 Signature 、 Avatar and certification information 、 The forbidden state ;「 Home page configuration 」 Support the configuration of product promotion area in the number home page 、 live broadcast 、 Applet 、 The four functional areas of the menu , The four functional areas can be opened at the same time , Arrange and display from top to bottom in the main page of No .

「 Home page configuration 」 On the page , On the left 「 Background setting example 」, Preview the configuration results and show the effect ; On the right is the specific configuration operation panel .

( One ) Product promotion area

You can configure the publicity content in the product publicity area , Help you promote your brand 、 Flow realization, etc .

Enter the product promotion area , First, you need to turn on the configuration switch in the product promotion area , On the left side 「 Background setting example 」 You can see 「 Product promotion area 」 Display position , Then configure the product promotion area .

1、 Configuration form

You can choose 「 written words 」「 picture 」 Two forms of presentation :

1)「 written words 」 The format will display the title you entered in the product promotion area , You need to enter a title that meets the following requirements :

20 Within characters , Support Chinese and English 、 Numbers 、 Special characters ( Special symbols 、emoji etc. )

Must contain text , All special characters are not supported

The text content is positive and healthy 、 Highlight the theme

2)「 picture 」 The format will show the pictures you uploaded in the product promotion area , You need to upload pictures that meet the following requirements :

The picture size shall not be less than 1140*213 Pixels , No more than 5MB

Support only jpg、jpeg、png Format

Clear picture 、 The content is complete

2、 Jump form

When the user clicks the text or picture in the product promotion area , Will jump to the specified landing page , Support jump to 「 link 」「 Applet 」 Two landing pages .

1)「 link 」 You can jump to the specified link , Support inserting links outside baijiahao ( Such as your website home page 、 Shop, etc ).

2)「 Applet 」 You can jump to the specified applet , You can choose 「 My applet 」, That is, the applet associated with your account principal ; perhaps 「 Search for applets 」 Search other applets on Baidu platform . You can also enter the specified path of the applet , You can jump directly to the specified page of the applet .

( Two ) live broadcast

When you do not configure live broadcast , The live broadcast area is closed by default .

When you configure live broadcast , The live broadcast area will automatically display the live broadcast preview or live broadcast content , On the left side 「 Background setting example 」 You can see 「 live broadcast 」 Display position , Users can click directly from the homepage to enter the live broadcast ; You can click the switch in the upper right corner of the configuration area to control whether the live broadcast is displayed , You can also drag the live broadcast card to sort .

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