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Baijia certification

2022-02-02 15:03:21 dongxiaofeng

In this “ Everyone is from the media ” Era , More and more people have joined the trend of we media creators , Many of them will choose Baidu's baijiahao as their we media platform . The characteristics of Baijia are , The audit is relatively strict , Therefore, the content produced by the author is of relatively high quality , Especially suitable for authors who want to do a good job in content .

  More importantly, Baijia is a product of Baidu , So articles or videos published on Baijia , Will be included in Baidu search before other platforms . Everyone knows , Baidu search is hundreds of millions of searches every day , If what we publish , Can be easily searched and watched , It is a great advantage for our content output .

One 、 Introduction to various certification types of Baijia number

First of all, we must complete the authenticity certification before entering the Baijia number , Only through this certification can the content be released , This certification is also relatively simple , Just provide your ID card and do face recognition . Normally, a new author a few days after posting , Will think about what advanced certification to do , Today we are talking about which certification can pass the fastest , Therefore, the dimension of our comparison is also from this point of view :

Authenticity Authentication : This is basic certification ,

Quality author certification : One of the application criteria is the number of fans ≥100 And only the author who obtains the original label of graphics and text can apply , So I'm sure I can't apply in the short term ;

Interest label certification : One of the application criteria is the number of fans ≥100 And the proportion of high-quality content is higher ≥50%, Because the quality is the platform has the final say. , Therefore, this certification is not suitable for quick application .

Identity professional certification : The application standard is that the individual author who has completed the authenticity certification can be certified by submitting the qualification , Obviously, there are no hard data requirements , You can apply for certification right away , How to provide qualification , I'll say later .

After certification , We can see that one is added V sign , At the same time, the position and enterprise name of our certification will be displayed , If our certified content is associated with our own vertical domain , For example, what you share is daily wear , At the same time, you have certified a fashion consultant of a design company , In this way, your Baijia number will be more authoritative , Fans see the taste of trusting you more , Also more willing to pay attention to you and your interaction . So it is necessary to do such a certification .

Two 、 How to apply for baijiahao identity and professional certification

Through the above comparison , We found that identity and professional certification is suitable for newcomers to apply for certification quickly , And the information needed is only to upload the professional work certificate , At present, the audit is also relatively loose , It is unclear whether it will become more and more strict in the future .

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