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Special praise: PC game plus one: Ubisoft "Lehman: Origin" free collar

2022-02-02 15:17:29 TechWeb

It's over 35 Annual free collection 《 An era 1404: History Collection Edition 》 After the event , Ubisoft... Strike while the iron is hot ,《 Lehman : origin (Rayman Origins)》 Also open Xi plus one .

Players can go to Ubisoft China mall or log in to Ubisoft Connect Client to get the game , The original price is 48 element , As of Beijing time 12 month 22 Japan 10 spot .

“ Lehman ” Series of works have always enjoyed a good reputation , This work is in Steam Also get special praise .

It is reported that ,《 Lehman : origin 》2012 Sold in , Is a 2D HengBan adventure game , Most support 4 Players work together , There are more than 60 A level , The relaxed and lively style is suitable for all ages .

The configuration requirements are also very low , The minimum support XP System and Pentium 4 processor . It's a little pity that , Native does not have Chinese support .

It is worth mentioning that ,《 Lehman : origin 》 As the first application UbiArt Frame game , Also laid the foundation 《 Son of light 》《 A brave heart 》 The tone of game art design .

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