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Listed in the "investment blacklist" by the United States, Kuang Shi and Yuncong issued a response statement

2022-02-02 15:17:32 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , According to media reports , US local time 12 month 16 Japan , US Treasury Department cloud Technology Co., Ltd 、 Zhongke dawn 、 Leon Technology Co., Ltd 、 Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd 、 Dongfang Wangli Technology Co., Ltd 、 Shenzhen Dajiang Technology Co., Ltd 、 Xiamen meiyabaike Information Co., Ltd. and Yitu Technology Co., Ltd 8 Chinese enterprises are identified as the so-called “ China's military industrial complex enterprise ” Part of , Americans will be banned from buying or selling with this 8 Special about this enterprise Publicly traded securities .

It is listed as American investment by the US Treasury this time “ The blacklist ” Cloud from technology 、 Kuang depending on science and technology 、 Yitu technology is a well-known AI enterprise in China .

at present , For being listed by the U.S. Treasury , Kuang depending on science and technology 、 Cloud technology responded by issuing statements this morning .

Kuangshi said in a statement that :

” We are open to the US Treasury Department to join ‘ China's military industrial complex enterprise (NS-CMIC)’ The list expresses strong opposition . This decision and related allegations are groundless .

The US government is already 2019 Absenteeism was included in its... With the same charges “ List of entities ”. We reiterate , Kuang Shi always insists on “ Using artificial intelligence to benefit the public ” The mission of , Ensure that our technology has a positive impact on society , And comply with all laws in the area where the services are provided 、 statute . This listing will not have an impact on the daily operation of absenteeism . We will continue to promote the progress of artificial intelligence technology , Create maximum value for customers and society .“

Cloud technology said in a statement :

“ For the U.S. Treasury Department, the cloud from technology into ‘ China's military industrial complex enterprise ’ List this decision , We express our firm opposition and strong condemnation . The US side completely ignores the facts and the actual situation of the company , Make baseless allegations and resolutions , It has seriously damaged the normal market rules and order , It not only damages the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises , Ignoring the legitimate interests of global investors .

Cloud technology has been rooted in China since the company was founded 、 Facing the world , With “ Define Smart Life , Enhance human potential ” For the mission , For the well-being of the whole human society . On this basis , Cloud technology always insists on continuous innovation , It has many complete core technologies with independent intellectual property rights , Launch man-machine cooperative operation system , Make a qualitative leap in artificial intelligence . In addition, in order to promote the healthy development of a new generation of artificial intelligence , Yuncong has also been actively involved in formulating and supervising the implementation of strict technical ethics standards of artificial intelligence technology , Comprehensively promote the development of artificial intelligence technology and ethics .

Looking forward to the future , Yuncong technology will continue to work together with many excellent AI enterprises in China , Contribute to the rapid development of China's science and technology industry , Let the Chinese AI The company rises in the forest of world technology giants .”

At present, Kuangshi Technology 、 Cloud technology is on the scientific innovation board IPO In the process .

Officially disclosed information shows that , Kuangshi technology was launched this year 9 month 9 Japan Science and technology innovation board IPO Through auditing , And in 9 month 30 Submit registration on , At present, there is no result of registration .

Cloud technology will start this year 7 month 20 Through the science and Technology Innovation Board IPO to examine , On 8 month 4 Submit registration on , At present, there is no result of registration .

Similarly, , Shangtang technology, another artificial intelligence enterprise, has been in 12 month 11 Japan was listed by the US Treasury Department as the so-called “ A list of military related enterprises ”, Implement investment restrictions .

Affected by this , Shangtang technology postponed its global offering and listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange . According to the previous plan of Shangtang ,12 month 7 Shangtang technology in Hong Kong IPO In the global offering 15 Billion shares B Class stock , among 90% For the international placement of shares , rest 10% Public offering of shares for Hong Kong , The issue price is per share 3.85 HKD to 3.99 The Hong Kong dollar , And will 12 month 17 It was officially listed for trading on the th .

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