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How does the tongue affect your beauty?

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Let's ask 99% A problem that no one has thought about :
How do you usually put your tongue in your mouth ?
Before I see this problem , I always put it in the lower alveolar .
I thought this was the brain hole question raised by some boring netizen , After all, the tongue is in your mouth , You don't care how I put it .
But after reading the professional answer of the online respondent , I found that things are not simple ......

Tongue and Official station

Generally speaking , There are two common placement of the tongue in our mouth .
One is low tongue position , The tongue is stuck to the lower alveolar at the bottom of the mouth , And move back ( That's how I used to put it ).
The other is high tongue position , Gently stick your tongue to your upper jaw , The tip of the tongue is at the projection behind the incisor .


Standard position : The front ellipse is the position of the tip of the tongue in the high tongue position , Then the tongue is placed close to the upper jaw ( That is, the two small round black spots below )
Answer master   @ Tar   The possible effects of these two tongue positions on respiration are introduced in detail :

The natural position of the tongue is a very important clue , It may be related to common but difficult to explain symptoms .


Always feel thirsty , Especially when you wake up
Sleep and snore
It's easy to choke when drinking water or swallowing saliva
Chronic oral breathing
Big tongue or tooth mark tongue
Temporomandibular joint disorder


Low tongue position is not good , May cause the jaw to narrow / smaller , Affect airway space .




The left side is the ideal airway space , The right side is narrow . In low tongue position , Move your tongue back , Occupies the airway space .


High tongue position is the opposite , By making more use of the space in the front of the mouth , Increased rear airway space , Make breathing easier .



Left is high tongue position , The right is the low tongue position


Are you in low tongue position or high tongue position ? If it's a low tongue position , You might as well adjust to the high tongue position as described above , Then feel if breathing has changed .

Long term dislocation of tongue position is one of the causes of oral breathing .

Because the tongue moves back 、 The airway narrows , Nasal breathing is affected , I always feel like I'm not breathing enough , Many people inadvertently develop the habit of opening their mouth to breathe .


meanwhile , Tongue position and oral breathing habits also affect each other . Oral breathing caused by pathological factors such as rhinitis , It also causes the tongue to move down and retract .


How the tongue affects beauty ?

With the popularization of Stomatology , More and more people begin to pay attention to the cleanness and tidiness of teeth . There are many people who want to change their face shape through orthodontics .
And what you don't know , Tooth deformity is also closely related to the tongue .
Answer master   @ Dentist Li thought  :

One of the causes of dentition deformity is the wrong position of the tongue .
Under normal circumstances , When the tongue is at rest ( When you shut up ) The normal position of is to touch the upper jaw , Horizontally , The tongue muscle in the upper jaw pushes outward , There are cheek muscles outside ( Facial muscles ) Squeeze in , Develop normally in the balance of force .

A: Relationship between normal tongue position and posterior teeth

B: When breathing through the mouth, the tongue is lower , With reverse jaw of posterior teeth

When oral breathing is accompanied by low tongue position , Loss of contact between tongue and upper jaw , The external buccinator muscle has no power to compete with it , So squeeze the upper jaw and narrow it 、 High arch , Corresponding , The maxillary teeth began to crowd 、 Uneven , The most obvious is the protrusion of the upper anterior teeth ( Buck teeth ); Retrognathia also occurs .
meanwhile , When breathing through the mouth , The tongue will lie on the mandibular anterior teeth , Affect the vertical development of anterior teeth , Can cause anterior teeth to open jaw .
Except for tooth deformities , The tongue can also affect our posture .
Answer master   @ Tar  

There are extensive... In the tongue and head and neck Anatomy contact .
The position of the tongue and the head and neck 、 The temporomandibular joints interact with each other . With your head tilted forward , Mandible Shrink back , The anterior tissue of the neck is pulled , So as to change the position of hyoid bone and tongue .

When the head and neck lean forward , Mandibular retraction , Hyoid bone and tongue are pulled down
In this case , The front tissue of the neck looks a little down , Which changes our jaw line .
On this point , There is still controversy . Whether the training of tongue positioning can change the mandibular line , Show obvious individual differences . Some fitness bloggers exaggerate the effectiveness of this training , As readers , Need to be rational .
Whether or not the mandibular line can be changed , Tongue positioning exercises will have a direct positive impact on breathing and head and neck posture .

The tongue is in the wrong position , How to correct ?

After understanding the influence of tongue position error , Some friends may ask : I've misplaced it for years , How to change this habit ?
Actually , Long term oral breathing 、 Lack of tongue muscle strength caused by bad habits such as sticking out the tongue , Is the direct cause of developing the wrong tongue habit , It is also the main difficulty to correct .
Answer master   @ Ski Dentist   Introduced us several tongue muscle training methods :

1、 N A little training
N After training the upper incisor, about 5mm It's about , Also send Pinyin n」 The position of the tip of the tongue at the end . Hold the tip of your tongue against this position and keep your mouth open , keep 10 second .5 Next is 1 Group , Every day 3 Group .
2、 Tongue flicking training
Tongue flicking exercises draw the tongue to the upper jaw , Leave quickly and make a sound , Like a horseshoe 「 Dada 」 The sound . Be careful not to pop your tongue at the bottom of your mouth 「 Bang 」 The sound .
Each group does 20 Time , Every day 3 Group , It can exercise the muscles in the front and middle of the tongue , Help lift your tongue .
3、 Tongue rolling training
Tongue rolling exercises roll up the tongue , keep 5 second . Every day 2 Group , Each group 50 Time , It can exercise the root of the tongue , Help lift your tongue .
4、 Pie training
Chew gum soft , Put it behind the front teeth with the tip of your tongue 5mm It's about , Then press the gum with your tongue , Put it on jaw Spread out , Every day 0.5 Hours .
You can also use the tip of your tongue to top a circle of mint candy jaw , Let the mint melt completely . This method can help us remember the correct tongue position , Exercise the strength of tongue lifting .

Answer master   @ Tar   It also introduces several exercise methods to improve head and neck forward tilt , Combined with tongue practice, the effect is better :
1、 Relax the sternocleidomastoid muscle

In most training involving the head and neck , Need to relax the sternocleidomastoid muscle , Because this muscle is big, long and important .
We can relax with our fingers in the sitting position , This pair of muscles is longer , It will take a little more time , From top to bottom , Press fully .
In addition to pressing , Another method works especially well for double chins , Is to grab the sternocleidomastoid muscle and pull it back , Avoid excessive tissue accumulation in the front of the neck .
2、 Release the suboccipital muscles

The suboccipital muscles are several shorter muscles under the occipital bone , The main function is to tilt the head back . In a head forward position , To keep the line of sight level forward , The head will lean back , Therefore, the suboccipital muscles will shorten and adhere .
lie supine , Place the peanut ball under the occipital bone , Keep your hands steady , Nod slightly 、 Head up and rotate left and right .

Although the tongue is only a small organ , But it also affects the mouth 、 Face 、 The muscles of the neck .

Seemingly insignificant living habits , It will also have an unexpected impact on our physical health and appearance .
therefore , Where is your tongue now ?


source : This article is reproduced from WeChat public number “ Zhihu daily ”.


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