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12 month 14 Japan , The 11th National Congress of China Federation of literary and Art Circles 、 The 10th National Congress of China Writers' Association opened in Beijing . *** .

*** , He himself is also a lover of literature and art .5 Ten years ago, the Tenth National Congress of the Federation of literary and Art Circles 、 When the Ninth National Congress of the writers' Association was held , *** ;7 Years ago , *** , At the meeting, he recalled his experience of loving literature and art , Organized by the study group next to Uncle Dao 《 *** : My literary love 》, The article really caught fire .

In his speech , *** 5 Point hope , It also points out the common problems existing in the current literary and artistic circles , Extremely profound 、 Extremely thorough . Uncle Dao thinks , To understand this important speech , Have to catch 3 Key words : Time 、 the people 、 Moral character .

12 month 14 Japan , The 11th National Congress of the China Federation of literary and artistic circles 、 The 10th National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association opened in Beijing . Xi Jinping attended the conference and delivered an important speech . Picture source : The xinhua news agency

“ The article coincides with the times , Songs and poems are made for things .” Literary and artistic works are inseparable from the times , Behind excellent literary and artistic works , It is the flesh and blood pulse of an era . Only breathe with the times 、 share the same fate , Only literary and artistic works can have enduring vitality .

This year coincides with the founding of the Communist Party of China 100 Anniversary of the .100 Year , A large number of excellent literary and artistic works have emerged on the literary and artistic front led by the party , Some encourage the exploited and oppressed working masses to fight in blood 、 never yield in spite of reverses , Some encourage the Chinese people to stand up for self-reliance 、 to strive for progress with determination , Some encourage hundreds of millions of people in the tide of reform and opening up to emancipate their minds 、 Forge ahead , Some encourage the Chinese people in the new era to be confident and self-improvement 、 Keep innovation , But all these works are the crystallization of the spirit of the times , Become an important achievement of the new culture of the Chinese nation established under the leadership of the party .

Xi Jinping said : “ Culture is the spiritual lifeblood of a nation , Literature and art is the horn of the times .” When the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation enters an irreversible historical process , How can literature and art in the new era enhance the value guidance 、 cultural cohesion 、 Spiritual impetus ?

*** : Grand View of history 、 The Grand View of the times . The moral is deep .

Just imagine , If a literary and artistic worker has a correct view of history , For the long history of the Chinese nation 、 Socialist history has enough awe 、 Respect and cognition , How can you show up in Japanese military flag clothes 、 Self portrait of traveling to Yasukuni Shrine ? How can you be so bland in historical works 、 Create all kinds of “ God plays ”? How can we lack awe of heroes 、 Engage in historical nihilism ?

Again , If a literary work cannot reflect the spirit of the times 、 Reflect the characteristics of the times , Indulge in “ suspension ” And little love 、 Groaning without illness , Keep your legs clean 、 Without touching the ground , It may attract applause and approval in some small circles , But at best, it's just capital boosting packaged fast food , It's impossible to go further . Such literary and artistic works do not represent the times , Can't afford to raise a flag 、 Gather people's hearts 、 Nurture new people 、 Culture 、 The mission of Image Exhibition .

12 month 14 Japan , The 11th National Congress of the China Federation of literary and artistic circles 、 The 10th National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association opened in Beijing . Picture source : The xinhua news agency


The fundamental position of socialist literature and art , yes From the people 、 For the people 、 Belong to the people .

stay 70 At the Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium many years ago , Mao Zedong pointed out the essence of the problem in one sentence : “ What is the center of our problem ? I thought , Our problem is basically a problem of serving the masses and a problem of how to serve the masses .” After the meeting , A large number of literary and artistic workers went into the countryside 、 Rooted at the grass-roots level , True and “ Hands are black , Cow shit on your feet ” The masses of workers, peasants and soldiers are integrated , Create 《 Xiaoerhei gets married 》《 White haired woman 》《 Brothers and sisters open up wasteland 》 And a large number of classic works rooted in the people .

Uncle Dao once talked to some writers and artists “ Beginner's mind ”. Said the artist who had the experience of jumping in line , In the countryside , For the first time, they saw the world beyond their imagination , I saw it “ Live and die like crops ” Of farmers ; Some military artists read from the military life of grass-roots companies “ The people's army ” Responsibility and responsibility . Some artists reflect , Why can't you see it on TV now “ The poor ” 了 , All petty bourgeoisie 、 elite 、 President ? When will it start ,“ Go deep into life ” It became a problem ? If an artist becomes a spray beyond the sea , Does that make sense ?

“ the people ” It's a compound word , But not an abstract symbol , But a collection of specific people , Everyone has flesh and blood 、 There is emotion 、 Love and hate 、 Have dreams . They are the retrograde angels in white in the epidemic , It is a fellow townsman who helps each other in the storm and flood , It's the express boy who reached out to rescue at a critical moment , Is a young soldier who gave his life to defend the frontier territory ……

Xi Jinping said : “ Life is the people , People are life .” Thought the people didn't understand literature and art , Think the public is “ Popular literature or art ”, I think the creation for the masses is not up to grade , These ideas are incorrect . Locked up in an ivory tower 、 There will be no lasting literary inspiration and creative passion in the office , Leave the people , Literature and art will become rootless duckweed 、 moan and groan without being ill 、 Soulless body .

A drop of water on the beach will only dry up quickly , But if you're in the sea , Will become vast and majestic . This is the relationship between writers and artists and the people .

Xi Jinping said : “ The people are the mother of literature and art .”

Xi Jinping 、 Li Keqiang 、 Li Zhanshu 、 Wang Yang 、 Wang Huning 、 Zhao Leji 、 Han Zheng and others attended the meeting . Picture source : The xinhua news agency
3、 ... and

The ancients said ,“ Sing an , Twist off several stems and whiskers ”“ Two sentences in three years , A song of tears ”. *** , The tombstone is engraved with “ Work like a cow , Dedication like land ”. Literary and artistic creation is arduous creative work , It's not a matter of time to practice high artistic level , It takes concentration 、 diligence in one 's work 、 For a long time .

But now , There are indeed some undesirable phenomena in the literary and artistic circles .

Some writers and artists just want to take shortcuts , For quick success 、 Valuing false reputation , Dream of becoming famous overnight , Chasing overnight wealth ; Some believe in “ Money is everything ”“ Be famous early ”“ Laugh at the poor, not the prostitutes ”, He is infected with money worship 、 Hedonism 、 A bad habit of extreme individualism ; Some can neither sing nor act , Only keen to hype private life , Rely on capital operation and cash flow to raise their value ; Some have bad conduct , Violation of public Good order and customs , Although there is no difference for a while , Eventually, people collapsed and even went to jail ……

*** :“ The self-cultivation of literary and artistic workers is not just a personal matter , The quality of literature and art will affect the whole cultural field and even the ecology of social life . A litterateur 、 Artists have social influence , Every move will have an impact on society . We should cherish our social influence , Seriously consider the social effects of the work . If a literary and artistic worker has bad conduct , The people will not accept it , The times will not accept it ! No self-respect, no respect !

In view of the “ Low style funny , Unrestrained indulgence without bottom line , Eye popping Entertainment , Endless desire ”, *** 4 individual “ Must not be ”: “ Literature and art should be popular , But it must not be vulgar 、 vulgar 、 vulgar ; writing Art wants to live , But we must not become the maker of bad habits 、 copycats 、 Advocate ; Literature and art should be innovative , But we must not make a fool of ourselves 、 Something that goes on the board ; Literature and art should be effective , But it must not be contaminated with the smell of copper 、 Be a slave to the market .”

It's so enjoyable !

Some literary works thousands of years ago 、 Black and white films decades ago 、 Old TV series 、 Classic old songs , Why so long , Widely loved by the people ? Behind this is Literary and artistic workers' awe of art and their sincerity to their profession .

Xi pointed out that : “ Creation depends on hard work , Performance depends on strength , Image depends on shaping , Efficiency depends on quality , Fame depends on virtue and skill .” The words of the general secretary deserve to be firmly remembered by all literary and artistic workers .
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