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Boss Li, you opened the pattern with a Shua!

2022-02-02 17:39:06 Sogou wechat

Near zilin'an, Yunyan District, Guiyang city ,46 Li Jun, 19, runs a barbershop with his friends , It has been 30 year . lately , Li Jun is busy in the store every day , While cutting hair for customers , By calling 、 Send a text message to inform the customer to return the money .


“ The money to be refunded is about 13 Ten thousand yuan , from 12 month 6 The card money began to be refunded one after another , To 15 The sun is receding 5 Ten thousand yuan , Only a third .”12 month 15 Japan , In a store with outdated facilities , Li Jun said , Due to demolition , The barber shop he runs will close soon and look for a new address , But as a business 30 Old shop in , There are many customers who recharge at ordinary times , If there is no sound, close the store and leave , He's worried that customers won't find themselves .“ Some regular customers changed their numbers , I can't get in touch by sending a message or calling .”


Customers have their hair cut in the barber shop run by Li Jun . xinhua Zhou Yuangang taken

therefore , Li Jun exposed information by asking for help from a local TV media in Guizhou , I hope the customer will return the card after seeing the information . Many netizens said , The boss's behavior deserves praise .


“ Do business from beginning to end , Others deposit money with you , Is a kind of trust .” Li Jun said ,30 Over the years , The store has received the support of many old customers .“ I'm very pleased , Many regular customers came to , Not to return the card money , But to ask about the location of the new store .”

 picture  picture


“ More than 100000 kakin , The amount is relatively large. , Some customers only have dozens of yuan .” Li Jun said , Spring Festival approaching , The beauty salon industry will be busy , I have limited manpower , If you return the card money, you will have more heart than strength . Li Jun hopes to rent a store nearby , Continue to serve customers .


Li Jun dyed his customers' hair . xinhua Zhou Yuangang taken

Small make up has words

“ Business integrity 、 Be a man with conscience ”

Although boss Li's barber shop is small

But put this 8 One word is bigger

Decades old shop

Ordinary craftsmen

Such an operation

Is to pay attention to professional ethics

And full of warm human feelings

We are happy to see such a conscientious businessman

The new era needs such honest management

The pattern has opened

The road is wider

Boss Li , I wish you a prosperous business !

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source : xinhua · Treasure youth studio 、 Xinhua Guizhou channel

planning : Liu Hong

Supervise the manufacture of : Mou Yanqiu   Xie Suxiang

Writing and : Zhou Yuangang

edit : Liang Tiantian

proofreading : Liu Yiran   Yan Hai

Internship : Wang Yuqing



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