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[see you at 8:00] the police responded to three doubts about the "23-year-old woman lost contact" incident

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8 See you -12 month 17 Japan 00:00 / 01:54


  • Nine departments : Yes, child abuse 、 Kindergartens with corporal punishment and other acts , The annual inspection is subject to one vote veto .

  • CBRC solicits opinions : Credit card funds must not be used to repay loans 、 Investment and other fields .

  • The two sector : Crack down on illegal coal mining , Find out and investigate together .

  • Circular of the central ecological and environmental protection inspector : The Longmen section of Hancheng in Shaanxi Province of the Yellow River has been occupied by solid waste for a long time , The river became a dump .

  • Strengthen the management of birth medical certificates in more places : Emphasize the lifelong responsibility system of the issuer 、 Carry out special supervision .

  • Feng Honghao, former vice mayor of Haikou City, was double opened : Engage in power and money trading .


  • GDP Water injection ? The Japanese government admits to exaggerating the construction industry data .

  • Google issued a vaccination deadline order : Violators will be given a pay cut 、 fire , Exemption is required to apply for .

  • Comparing women to cows , The advertising of South Korea's largest dairy company provoked public anger .

  • India plans to reduce the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 Put off until 21 year .

  • The world's first text message will be auctioned for the first time , Only 15 Characters , the height is 17 Thousands of pounds ( renminbi 143 Ten thousand yuan ).


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  • Jiangsu Wuxi police responded “23 Hefei woman lost contact in Wuxi ” Three doubtful points of the incident : The delivery rider made up when he saw the missing girl crying ; The lost girl doesn't go to the river to look for lost items during the day ; The change of dress is actually the difference of ambient light .


  • Qingdao University responded to improper remarks made by a teaching assistant : Give administrative demerit recording punishment .

  • Forcibly raped and repeatedly molested 10 My own daughter , A man in Sichuan Province has been sentenced to ten years in prison .

  • 12 month 16 Japan , Bulletin of Fujian Overseas Chinese University : A boy student stabbed a girl , Has been taken away by the police .


  • Chengdu cracked a transnational drug smuggling case involving triads : Entice... In the name of recruitment “ A cartel ” The human body carries poison , The principal offender was sentenced to death in the first instance .

  • The first case in China ! One from Hunan 28 Year old heart lung transplantation patient gave birth to a healthy baby girl .



  • The dismissal of the teacher involved is not the end , She owes her fellow victims an apology !

    —— CCTV review “ The teacher of Sinian college was expelled after making wrong remarks ”


  • The fire display activities of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are fully open to the public .


  • Black technology in Han Dynasty ? Bronze gears unearthed from the mausoleum of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty , Full of sense of crossing .



  • Future period ! China 18 Year old football goalkeeper Liu shaoziyang signed for Bayern Munich Football Club .


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