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Doctor "tiger dad" forces young children to learn advanced mathematics. How can high knowledge be ignorant?

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A doctor from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province “ Tiger Dad ” Mr Mao ,

forced 7 My son, who is in the first grade of primary school, and 5 My daughter who goes to kindergarten

Learn the knowledge of middle school and University ,

Such as classical Chinese and advanced mathematics ,

And stay up late at night ,

Children will not learn to be abused and beaten by him .

These behaviors shocked netizens !

Local police 、 The women's Federation and teachers intervene in mediation ,

But Mr. Mao always thinks he is “ For the good of the children ”,

To educate children in advance is just “ Housework ”.

The child's mother reluctantly turned to the court for help .

recently , Nanjing Jianye District People's Court issued a personal safety protection order ,

Set the duration of the protection order to three months .



son 7 year , daughter 5 year ,

It should have been a carefree age ,

In addition, the state has introduced “ Double reduction policy ”,

The two children should have more fun ,

As a result, I was forced to stay up and learn advanced mathematics and classical Chinese .

I studied for a doctor myself , You have to force your child to read a doctor's content ?

It's not “ try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward ”,

But uprooted “ Destroying seedlings encourages ”.

Imagine a child's childhood without toys 、 game 、 motion ,

How rebellious will it be to future learning ,

How bleak childhood will become .

Children of this age are at a critical stage of growth ,

Forcing them to study late at night will lead to a decline in their eyesight 、 Loss of appetite ,

The body will collapse .

“ Tiger Dad ” Capriciously “ A meal operation as fierce as a tiger ”,

Forced infusion of advanced knowledge “ Positive returns ”,

Far less than the destruction of the soul 、 Improper method 、 Emotional trauma, etc

Growth brought by “ Reaction ”,

This is really a case of family education failure .



“ hope one 's children will have a bright future ”“ hope that one's daughter will be somebody ” It is the simple wish of many parents .

“ Tiger Dad ” It's understandable to worry about children's growth ,

But you can't use identity authority ,

Treat children as objects and abuse them wantonly .

Family education is not just family affairs ,

It's also a matter of the rule of law .

His children are still minors ,

suffer 《 The civil code 》《 The law on the protection of minors 》

《 Family Education Promotion Act 》 And other laws ,

He has the final say. .

In the academic pyramid , Doctoral degree is in the high-end position ,

Mr. Mao should know and understand the law .

But his practice of beating and scolding is not only gentle ,

More domestic violence ,

Infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of children .

Nanjing Jianye District People's court “ Tiger Dad ” Three month period ,

It's a cooling off period , It's a warning .


Mr Mao “ False start ”“ Child abuse ” Although it is an example ,

But the common educational anxiety is common in the society ,

Especially in the relatively highly educated group ,

“ Academic level drop ” My anxiety is even more ,

“ Students with excellent grades ” Parents against “ Study slacker ” Children's “ The war ” Once very intense .

such as ,

“985 Doctor's mother was crying when she tutored her daughter's homework ” The video of was once a hot topic ;

Peking University, associate professor, make complaints about daughter “ Study slacker ” Once searched for overheating ,

A word of “ Do not tutor homework. Father is kind and daughter is filial , One tutoring assignment: flying in the wind and jumping in the dog ”,

It shows that many knowledgeable families are right “ Excellent parents , Children are ordinary ” The worry .

A learned man is not always a child care expert .

To cultivate children, we should act according to the law of education .

Kochi parents should not be overly obsessed with their own “ The path to success ”,

Simply copy and paste it onto the child ;

Pass yourself over “ volume ” Past experience ,

Let the child repeat “ volume ” Again ,

“ Roll on roll ?”


In recent years ,

Clean up and rectify the after-school training industry ,

To expand the export of talents such as vocational education ,

And then pilot parental leave and other policies in many places ,

Are promoting the equitable distribution of educational resources ,

Correct the distorted view of education ,

Provide a broad development world for all kinds of talents ,

Teng set aside more parent-child time .

Parents should also take the initiative to establish a correct outlook on education ,

Explore the training path of differentiation ,

Unlimited expansion of children's “ Blue ocean ”.

The purpose of education is to cultivate a complete person ——

love your life ,

Can find their own life track and keep trying to move forward .


Xin Chou Nian November 14


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