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New action of Zhihu content marketing: planting grass and trees elsewhere

2022-02-02 17:48:27 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 16 Daily news , Know how to publish videos 《 Know the forest 》, Formally put forward “ Plant grass elsewhere   Know how to plant trees ” Content marketing philosophy . As explained in the video , Know how to create content 、 The growth of brand merchants in Zhihu is compared to “ Planting trees ”, Different from the grass planting mode , Planting trees is more systematic 、 More professional 、 More believable 、 Longer term .

As a high-quality content Q & a community platform , Know that there is natural “ Planting trees ” advantage , Q & a community's natural attributes , Informative system 、 Answer: the Lord is dedicated and professional , Perfect community ecological governance , Also for the “ Planting trees ” Provides natural soil and fertilizer .

Zhihu's question and answer mechanism covers all user life and consumer demand scenarios , Help the laying of brand system from brand story 、 Product science popularization 、 Product evaluation 、 Experience introduction, etc , Systematically and objectively display the brand content , Long term service brand building , Reap sustained business growth and user trust .

What do you know 2021 Released in 《 Announcement of special action for community ecological governance 》, Carry out special treatment actions , Crack down on illegal marketing , Purify the community environment and atmosphere , Provide healthier services for content marketing 、 Sustainable community environment .

Besides , The long tail effect of Zhihu content is also more prominent , data display , In knowing the number of views TOP1000 Of the problems , Yes 48.3% The problem has been created for more than 1 year , The average creation time is 21.7 Months .


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