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Facebook made concessions for the EU approval of the kustomer acquisition

2022-02-02 17:49:07 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , According to foreign media reports ,Facebook For the acquisition of customer service companies Kustomer Make a concession , Allow competitors' products and Kustomer Products operate equally , So as to further strengthen the possibility of obtaining EU approval .

Big companies are buying up start-ups , Cause concern to regulators .2020 year 11 month Facebook Announcement of acquisition Kustomer, To attract more sellers to the platform .Kustomer Sell customer relationship management software to enterprises , Business customers use the software to communicate via telephone 、 mail 、 SMS 、WhatsApp、Instagram And other channels to contact customers , This will help Facebook Expand its instant messaging applications WhatsApp The size of our customer base .

The EU has solicited feedback from its competitors and users , Said the deal could hurt competition , And further strengthen Facebook Competitiveness in online advertising .

So Facebook Propose concession measures , Agree to let different products and technologies work together , Address interoperability issues . The EU competition agency declined to comment , Plan in 1 month 28 Make a decision on this agreement by the th .

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