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Cadillac lyriq will be equipped with a new generation of super cruise super assisted driving system

2022-02-02 17:49:11 TechWeb

【TechWeb】11 month 17 Japan , Cadillac officially released LYRIQ models , At present, the official pre-sale price of the rear drive long-range luxury version is 439700 element , Aim at medium and large pure electric luxury SUV market , It is bound to be combined with newly built cars in China, such as the electric products of Weilai and traditional OEMs iX3、EQC Models such as , stay 2022 Face to face in .

Cadillac LYRIQ Most of our market confidence is based on GM's new Ultium Aotneng electric vehicle platform .

Power batteries , Aotneng electric vehicle platform adopts the industry's innovative battery management system , It can realize the wireless connection of battery management system , Thus, the battery package level is reduced 90% Harness for , Make the battery pack more compact 、 More efficient .

Electric drive , Rear drive long endurance luxury version LYRIQ Carrying 255kW Permanent magnet synchronous motor , Peak torque 440N·m, It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 6.9s. A new car CLTC The range will exceed 650 km , And equipped with safer fast charging technology ,10 Minutes of charging can replenish 96 Km range .

Look at the hardware in the car ,LYRIQ Equipped with the most powerful intelligent cockpit chip on the market :8155 chip , coordination 33 Inch annular super retinal screen , In the car UI It brings a new design , Add a lot of points to entertainment and interactivity .

Of course , The playing methods and rules of today's intelligent pure electric vehicle market have obviously changed . In addition to the improvement of power system and intelligent cockpit ,L2 Level or even higher auxiliary driving system has become standard . And in this respect , Cadillac LYRIQ Not to be outdone .

So far, ,Super Cruise Super assisted driving system is known as the real free hand driving assistance system , It can ensure that the user's attention is always on the road through facial recognition .

And Cadillac is Super Cruise The operation of creates a triple preparation : Millimeter wave radar 、 camera 、 Lane level high-precision map .

According to the present Super Cruise The use logic of super assisted driving system , When the vehicle enters the road covered by the high-precision map ,Super Cruise Can be activated , The dashboard will prompt the user :“OK,Super Cruise Ready ”, Then the light band above the steering wheel turns green , indicate Super Cruise start-up .

The driver's attention monitoring system will follow you .LYRIQ Will always check the driver's attention . When the system finds that the driver's attention is insufficient , A series of continuously escalating prompts will be sent to the driver . First, the indicator light on the steering wheel changes from green to red , Then there is the seat vibration or buzzer sound warning , If the driver still has no feedback at this time , The system will reduce the vehicle speed through driving assistance technology , The vehicle will slow down in the lane and eventually stop completely .OnStar Anjixing manual seat will actively contact the driver and provide rescue , In case of accidents .

Besides ,LYRIQ A new generation Super Cruise Command lane change and automatic lane change functions will be added on the basis of the original ability . On a long trip , It's hard to avoid a slow train , A whole new generation Super Cruise When the system is on , The driver just needs to turn the turn signal , Vehicles can wait for the opportunity to change the fast lane . Automatic lane change means that the system can judge the road conditions by itself , Overtake a slower vehicle ahead .

Command lane change or automatic lane change , Are extremely demanding on the information perceived by the vehicles behind , With this function , Also prove LYRIQ It can detect the surrounding conditions in an all-round way through sensor fusion , At the same time, it also lays down hardware conditions for higher-order auxiliary driving . According to the press conference information , after LYRIQ And through OTA technology , Update more driving AIDS , More application scenarios cover .

Now ,Super Cruise It has accumulated a good reputation at home and in the United States . This is due to the centimeter scale drawing of roads using lidar , at present Super Cruise The adopted centimeter level high-precision map has covered... In total in China 32 10000 kilometers of domestic expressways and urban expressways, and 5.7 Ten thousand kilometers of national highway . after Super Cruise Will pass OTA, Update packets for users regularly .

Pan Mengmeng, head of SAIC GM's new energy strategy department, said in the latest interview ,“Super Cruise A high-precision map will first cover highways and urban expressways , At present, the accumulative total exceeds 32 Thousands of kilometers , After that, we will continue to expand the coverage : Including darts 、 National highway, etc . in addition , On the technical route , We have to Super Cruise In the development thinking of , Safety is the first requirement . First , Only when the scene is safe will it be open to consumers .”

General Motors has worked in the field of automatic driving for many years , Continue to show electrification 、 Determination to develop in the direction of intelligent networking . As early as 2007 year , GM then invested in the research and development of automatic driving technology .2016 year , General to 10 $billion acquisition of start-up automatic driving company Cruise Automation.

2018 year , first generation Super Cruise Carried in the flagship car Cadillac CT6 Meet with consumers , Realize local auxiliary driving on expressway .

In the process of continuous technological evolution , Security , It is an important principle emphasized by GM again and again .

2020 year , Cadillac Super Cruise System pressure Autopilot Get America 《 Consumer reports 》 First place in the evaluation of auxiliary driving system .

By 2021 year 6 month ,Super Cruise Super assisted driving system has been achieved in North America 1100 Zero accident record of 10000 kilometers , It has become a necessary function for many Cadillac owners to travel .

Expected by all LYRIQ, On this basis , With a new generation Super Cruise, When the , This car may release more functions of this driving assistance system , Bring more safe and intelligent driving experience to Cadillac users .

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