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Ruishu information announced the completion of C3 round of 100 million yuan financing, with a cumulative financing of more than 600 million yuan in three months

2022-02-02 17:49:15 TechWeb

【TechWeb】 Following 9 The month just finished C2 After round financing , Rayleigh number information 12 month 17 It was officially announced to complete the 100 million yuan level C3 Round of funding , This round of financing is the first national fund focusing on venture capital fund investment and direct investment in emerging industries in China - CICC Qiyuan national emerging industry venture capital guidance fund investment , The old shareholder Junlian capital continues to increase its holdings , Jump to capital as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing . With the injection of the second consecutive investment in just three months , Swiss digital information C The total number of rounds of financing has exceeded 6 One hundred million yuan . Overview of the financing experience of ruishu information , You can see very obvious characteristics : One 、 The safe track is highly recognized by the National Fund   Two 、 The old shareholder is determined to run with   3、 ... and 、 Financing is very fast .

In such a short time, the key investment of Jin Qiyuan in the national fund was successfully introduced , And attract the continuous injection of old shareholder Junlian capital , It not only reflects the interest of national funds and investors in ruishu information as an innovator and innovator of China's dynamic security technology Bots Fully recognized the development achievements of professional manufacturers in the field of automatic attack protection , What's more, it's under self-control “AI+ Dynamic security ” The prospect of technology is promising . This financing is not only used to further expand the market expansion of the existing security business 、 Continuously improve and upgrade the product line of dynamic security technology in the field of application and business security , It will also further increase the research and development of innovative data security products .

For this financing , Swiss digital information CEO Mr. Yu Liang said :“ 2021 year 《 Key information infrastructure security regulations 》 and 《 Data security law 》 The new policies have been introduced one after another , It has a positive impact on the construction of enterprise network and data security . In the era of intelligent alliance of all things , Security defense should change from passive defense to active security . With this round of financing Injection , Ruishu information will continue to innovate safety science and technology from the perspective of technology foresight , Focus more on AI Data security innovation and product expansion of intelligent technology , Tamp the data security base , Comprehensively build a more competitive product platform and market model .”

CICC Qiyuan investment team said :“ We are very pleased to see , Rayleigh number information has been constructed based on AI+ Dynamic, safe and complete product technology system , It is becoming a network security automation 、 The leader in the process of intelligence . As a national guidance fund , We will strongly support the development of Chinese innovative enterprises , We firmly believe that innovation drives the development of high-quality technology , It is bound to usher in a broader space for China's network security industry .”

Li Jiaqing, President of Junlian capital, said :“ Junlian capital from 2019 Since, it has continuously increased its investment in Swiss digital information , We are optimistic about the future development of ruishu information . Ruishu information has always adhered to the product driven route in the past , It has been highly recognized by many leading customers in the domestic industry , Become the most competitive team in terms of product capability and key customer solution capability in the current market . We will work with the team and other investors , Firmly support the growth of ruishu information .”

2021 year , Swiss number information was elected Gartner《 Online anti fraud market guide report 》 On behalf of manufacturers in the field of online anti fraud and 《2021 In China ICT Technology maturity curve report 》 Cloud security represents vendors , Strength on the list 《 China's network security enterprises 100 strong 》, Elected as the representative manufacturer in the field of business and application security , With excellent achievements, it has proved its solid technical foundation and product innovation ability .

Past year , Ruishu information has opened new R & D centers in Shanghai and Beijing , Increase in AI Further expansion of artificial intelligence technology and data security innovation technology , At the same time, achieve rapid business growth , Customers have extensive coverage of critical infrastructure and global 500 Strong enterprise , Covering the government 、 Finance 、 telecom 、 Medical care 、 education 、 Electric energy 、 Internet and many other industries .

The coming of the digital age , More and more enterprises regard network security as the top priority to ensure the lifeline of enterprises . With the support of national funds and many industrial capital , As an innovator of China's dynamic security technology and Bots A professional manufacturer in the field of automatic attack protection , Swiss digital information will continue to improve its technological innovation ability , Accelerate the layout of key industries , Create financial application 、 The trinity of business and data “ Great security ” pattern , Continue to build more comprehensive 、 Security 、 Controllable network environment .

Information about Rayleigh number

Swiss digital information ( River Security ) It is the innovator and of China's dynamic security technology Bots A professional manufacturer in the field of automatic attack protection . Swiss number information is provided to cover Web、App and API Omni channel application security 、 Business security 、 Data security 、 Professional network security products and services including cloud security . The company was founded in 2012 year , Headquartered in Shanghai , In Beijing, 、 Guangzhou and Shenzhen have branches respectively , And in Chengdu 、 Beijing and Shanghai set up R & D centers .

About Zhongjin Qiyuan

CICC Qiyuan was appointed by the national development and Reform Commission 、 The Ministry of Finance and social investors jointly initiated the establishment of , It is the first national fund focusing on venture capital fund investment and direct investment in emerging industries in China , It is the successful expansion of CICC's direct investment business to the master fund business and strategic emerging industries . It aims to participate in venture capital funds and direct equity investment , Solve the early and medium-term problems in the field of emerging industries 、 The financing problem of innovative enterprises in the start-up stage , Help entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial upgrading , Promote the integration of capital and Technology , Improve the overall development level and core competitiveness of China's emerging industries .

About Junlian capital

Junlian capital was established in 2001 year 4 month , It is a fund management company of Lenovo holdings, which focuses on early venture capital and growth private equity investment . In the course of 20 years of development , Junlian capital follows international standards , Create best practices in fund operation and management . Junlian capital through a proactive value-added service system , Promote the innovation and growth of enterprises , While continuously creating good return on investment in multiple investment areas , Promote China's industrial progress and social development . Junlian capital takes “ Become an investment company with international influence ” For the vision , Uphold “ Rich and wise ” The core values of , Actively practice social responsibility .

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