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The 2021 Nuggets annual essay solicitation of a Nuggets operator

2022-02-02 18:43:13 Superior arc

About Nuggets operations 2021

Behind the operation of nuggets

2021 In the first half of

2021 In the first half of the year , It is the key node for Nuggets' entire product operation team to quickly build and run in , At the same time, the node operation team is also the Nuggets , We from 2020 Year of 2 Operations , Up to now , So far , We reserve very experienced students in each business module .

2021 In the second half of

2021 In the second half of , After our operation team is fully formed , Half a year of full fighting , It is also the whole team from product construction => Content building Half a year of system upgrading . We've been here for half a year , In addition to serving our existing stock market , We also tried to seize the incremental market . Keep experimenting , Trial and error , But there has never been stagnation and rigid thinking . The whole team uses , Try by all means . There are also some very meaningful activities .

From my heart , Do wrong , Took a detour , It doesn't matter , What's more is that we have introspection , There is a summary , There is improvement . This is the operation in my mind .

Some secrets of ecological governance in Nuggets community

What is a good community ecology like ?

image.png In fact, I talked about this topic at the Nuggets Developer Conference , Community has always been a human element , Who does the community serve , What kind of content to present , Very important for positioning . Nuggets from 16 Since its establishment in , We always adhere to the standard that high-quality original articles cannot be hydrated , We advocate more cutting-edge content , We expect others to brush the nuggets for the purpose , Can gain something in Nuggets , It can also lead to a collision of views . This point , Our original intention is the same .

We have always advocated Good content , But how should good content be defined ? I understand that it should be divided into the following three dimensions :

  • The facts : The best way to solve the problem
  • Point of view : The best way to trigger communication ( The core )
  • mood : It can stimulate the spread of

When there is a stable and strong search demand in a product , The probability is that this product contains a lot of factual content . Knowledge contains many facts , But often his most valuable thing is the fact with the point of view , To spread .

This is the best community ecology in my mind .

What has Nuggets done in the past year ?

Do good

Community is a pluralistic concept , We have nothing but 「 Good content 」「 Good author 」 I also hope that more shallow users will take Nuggets as their home . In this year , We do a large number of author pull new , We have also made a more systematic creator training camp to help our shallow users , Help them improve their writing awareness and ideas , Also through 「 Gengwen punch in 」 And so on , Inspired everyone's creative enthusiasm . In general, what we have done well can be summarized as the following points :

  • adopt 「 Theme Month activities 」 And content topics to promote the production of high-quality content , It has changed the creative ecological pattern dominated by the front end of nuggets .
  • In terms of content genre , We have added information and live broadcast , Ensure that diggers can see the changes and experiences of some new technologies at the first time .
  • Through the creator Center , Improved everyone's creator experience .
  • Strengthen the mining of new users , It ensures the reasonable distribution of part of the flow and the flow incentive of new people .
  • The album set sail again , Improved the content richness and quality of the booklet .
Not well done
  • The balance between the enhancement of content richness and content consumption has not been solved .
  • The new recommended algorithm solves Starting is the peak The problem of , But it ignores the creation ecology and content Ecology .
  • Although Gengwen punch in improves the internal capacity , But there are also some hydration contents **DN turn .
  • The team is more professional , There is no relationship with core users in the entrepreneurial period “ regret we didn't meet sooner ” The feeling of .
Very badly done
  • The internal capacity and the number of creators have not been improved , Problems such as the deterioration of the party's content and painting style .
  • Not solved , Stratification of flow pool 、 Content layering 、 User hierarchy .
  • Failed to do a good job in personnel ability stratification => Lost 「 Content cleanliness 」, Furthermore, there is no unified content recommendation standard .( My responsibility )

2021 My growth in

To do things

This year , Stepped on a lot of pits , Accumulated a lot of experience , Every time you do something wrong , To use 2-3 Times the cost to solve this wrong thing . It also includes several criteria to grasp when doing things , Learn from yourself :

  1. More people , The bigger the inertial , A wrong decision involves a greater waste of manpower and resources . Our strengths , Know the depth of your ability , Don't want to accomplish what you can't do for a moment of greed .
  2. In the target 、 Under the clear task of time node , Keep absolutely focus , Every task should have a clear Purpose and Closing date .
  3. Innovation does not mean that there are many people without great strength , If you don't understand, the more people there are, the worse the decision is ;
  4. A few people who can do the right thing don't necessarily have a holistic view , When the team is bigger, it is more difficult to make a hole ;
  5. Fools are often better able to say 🧨, Can ignore , Try to ignore ;

A person

In charge of Nuggets' operation , Colleagues come and go , I dare not say how much I learned , But there are some common basic requirements that we must learn , Otherwise, it's hard for such people to work together , Even those who can't work together .

  1. For myself be responsible for The job of , There's an absolute difference Business Executive ability ;
  2. A complaint 、 It's normal to have resources , But don't be the maker of problems and contradictions , I'm going to do that Solution People who ;
  3. Not only , Be able to consider the team , Be able to work with collaborators in task execution Active communication , Actively communicate , Seek communication opportunities ;


This year , I feel very busy , Finally, reflection , Indeed, a chicken feather . Nothing .

  1. And upstream and downstream 、 The partners can cooperate , Thought and pursuit are not in the same direction , Everybody's tired ;
  2. A few excellent people solve problems efficiently and effectively , It is difficult for ordinary people to accept, understand and implement , Instead of just keeping information synchronized ;
  3. When planning, it is inclined to the bottleneck when allocating resources , For example, give them more manpower 、 Time , Better condition support, etc ;
  4. Take a holistic view , Be thoughtful , Responsible people , Very important for the team ;

Individual to team

2021 year , My focus is on resources 、 The team 、 The integration of underlying data and the landing of operation direction , Personal energy has been focused on data , In the second half of the year, it was in 「 the water is deep and the fire is hot 」 among , Didn't give the team students more support in strategies and ideas ,2022 year , I will focus on the cultivation of the core team 、 Operation mechanism 、 Author: Ecology 、 Standardization of content ecology .

2022 What I want to do in

For nuggets operations

  • Establish a large-scale ecological strategy , Complete the author labeling system , Content label system ;
  • Strictly implement traffic stratification and author stratification , Do it 「 High quality content cannot be hydrated 」;
  • Establish a monitoring system , Rating monitoring 、 Original monitoring 、 Ecological monitoring ;
  • Users love , Insist on originality , Crack down on plagiarism 、 Title unhealthy culture such as the party ;
  • Build community rules with users ;

For me personally

  • Focus on the personal growth of team members
  • For operational strategy , Think deeply , dare , Dare to offend , Dare to bear .
  • On the premise of advancing the goal , Strengthen teamwork 、 An open atmosphere
  • Refine your own ideas and views on the problem more methodology , Try to share and synchronize documents with the team students
  • We should think rationally about people and things

About my life



This year is all luck ,18 A fund is adjusted to 7 individual , Fixed investment also stopped . The overall revenue is not as good as last year . Currency circles and stock markets , Only a few , Only GME、AMC And this year's bitcoin market , Made a little money .

The recession of the economy , It makes me feel that having a job is actually very important , Next year, we will move bricks honestly .


Maybe it's because I'm too tired this year , only 4 individual Flag only 2 individual .

  • To lose weight
  • Don't be a otaku , Cultivate a hobby
  • Early to bed,
  • Go back to your hometown to accompany your parents on holidays
  • Make an appointment with your friends


I love work , I love nuggets , Before there is a little thought about this industry , I'm not going to change my job yet .

Before, we had an intern who could tell the truth , Count me in 2022 The annual meeting will take the initiative to change jobs , I thought I wanted to deliver the takeout , But once a friend went to experience takeout , I made a lot of money in one day 35, Deduct the deposit , Eventually lose 3 block , I can't bear this pain , So I won't deliver takeout for the time being .

Actually, I've always wanted to be a didi driver , I can work whenever I want .


Thank you very much for your support

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Let me introduce our current team members ( Welcome to your attention )

nickname link link
The captain… Creator ecology
Zoe_233333… Content ecology
Bonnie from Gryffindor… Boiling point direction
An emotional operating machine… Creator ecology
Sister Qian… Content ecology
Sweet smiling face… information 、 Direction of live broadcast
Daru… Nuggets course direction
Konjac Festival… Nuggets course direction
Linda dada… Nuggets course direction
Arc superior… Sweep the floor 、 Part time customer service 、 Miscellaneous
Mei Loufeng… Professional title 、 Current limiting 、 Estoppel

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