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Bleeding heart, the editor of firewood cutting academy taught and wrote popular money for free, but I missed the opportunity because of this problem

2022-02-02 19:02:05 Chengkong

01. Human heart decides everything , Dominate everything

Unconsciously, I have been writing for two years , From paying to learn writing to now you can earn living expenses with words , It can also be regarded as reducing the burden of life . Some time ago, I talked with the editor in charge of the operation of the headlines of chopping firewood academy about my operation account , The editor said he was willing to teach me to write articles for free , The condition is to provide them with manuscripts , My heart blossoms with joy , I feel like I'm going to the top of my life , I never thought that the duck that was about to be cooked would fly .

 Heart bleeding , The editor of firewood cutting academy teaches and writes popular money for free , But I missed the opportunity because of this problem

?? I pondered the feasibility of this matter , Ask a teacher who has many years of writing experience , Please bother her to analyze the reason why this good thing fell on me , At the same time, I also asked her to point out my shortcomings in writing .

The teacher analyzed that the reason why it was my turn to teach and write popular articles for free was : I continued writing for two years , More or less, I have accumulated the knowledge of writing . The disadvantage is : Now I'm cooking dumplings in a teapot , There are goods that can't be poured out . My empathic understanding and expression skills are too poor , Writing is mostly unemotional output ; Lack of user thinking , It's hard to make your account stable and bigger by operating your own account .

An expert knows whether there is , The teacher hit the nail on the head and picked out the faults in my writing , I see my problems , See light suddenly .

I've been working hard to create , But when writing, you can always be in a state of chaos , The spiritual world is deserted , The more you write, the more painful it is , I can't write any more .

The reason why a person can't carry out a thing to the end , It's because there are so many thoughts in my heart . What's worse , These thoughts rub against each other 、 Collision 、 conflict , Some command you to go left , Some stop such ideas , Even drag you to the right . Often , You will never achieve what you really want , All day long , At a loss .

As bingqianli said : The mind has been misplaced , The idea has no destination , Can't find a place to live .

Mind dislocation naturally has miscellaneous thoughts , Like a bottle full of dirt , Didn't clean up the dirt , Fresh clean water will also be polluted .

The world's martial arts come out of Shaolin ,《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 The sweeping monk of Shaolin Temple easily subdues murongbo and Xiao Yuanshan , And Qiao Feng couldn't even touch a corner of his clothes , It can be seen that martial arts are profound .

The sweeping monk just practiced the skill of washing marrow , The marrow washing skill can cleanse the soul , Internal quality ; Strong physique , The role of external image . Although we didn't practice kung fu , But life is alive , Everything we do is practicing .

writing , We should first clean up our own distractions, cleanse our soul and open up the two veins of Ren and du , The body and mind become transparent and smooth , To glow and warm others , and 《 Mind writing 》 It is undoubtedly the author's skill of washing marrow .

 Heart bleeding , The editor of firewood cutting academy teaches and writes popular money for free , But I missed the opportunity because of this problem

? The author of this book is bing Qianli , As a well-known psychological counselor in China 、 Psychologists are also explorers of lonely hearts . In this book, he teaches us how to be faithful to the inner flow , Resolve the unspeakable pain by writing with your heart , Let writing lead to healing , Let people reconcile themselves and link their hearts , Write a good article with powerful aura .

02. All things have spirit , Mind writing , Eliminate emotional imprints

Human heart decides everything , Dominate everything , And the heart also has spirit ,“ spirit ” stay “ people ” The deepest part of ,“ spirit ” There's everything in it , health 、 Happiness 、 happy 、 Satisfy 、 Serene …… The way of life of modern people , Let people put their “ spirit ” Forgot to . The physical and mental pain of many people , It's all about looking out , After seeing others , He urged himself to keep running forward , Go get it , Go calculate , To care , Time is long. , I forgot to look inside , Just forget your “ spirit ”.

Mind writing , As a liberation “ spirit ” Methods , You can write about the discontent in your inner world , Remove the dirt attached to it bit by bit , To restore the original aura .

 Heart bleeding , The editor of firewood cutting academy teaches and writes popular money for free , But I missed the opportunity because of this problem

You might as well write one by one , The people and things you hate can be written first , Self healing begins with letting hate flow , Happiness turns away gratitude and hatred .

There are three kinds of connections between people : I love you! , I hate you , I want to know you . Love is to accommodate 、 See 、 Connect ; Hate is rejection 、 Deny 、 cutting . The opposite of love is , Hold love , Like secret love . The opposite of hate , It's holding hate , Like undercover .

The hardest thing for people to forget is that they encounter intense pain when they are young , The situation at that time will stimulate strong feelings of pain , The pain of youth can only be endured , So these emotions are consolidated in the body , Writing your own mind can link the source of this emotion .

Writer Yan Lingyang , Never get the considerate care and warmth of parents , She studied hard to escape her parents , Work part-time, study part-time, go to college , After becoming a writer, he wrote in the article : I study hard , Just to escape your control , Have your own space .

She wrote more than once about : The whole youth , Support me to study hard 、 The motivation to work hard , It comes from the hatred of parents for the environment and the desire for urban life . It makes me feel like a carp fighting in a backwater , Save all your energy and strength just to “ College entrance examination ” That jump , The only effort that could change my fate .

Yan Lingyang used the way of writing , Write about the pain of childhood , Even if it hurts again , Experience it 、 Accept it unconditionally , Understand and love yourself at that time , See your helplessness or sadness , anger .

A lot of times , Negative thoughts are like a messy room , Items are intricate and missing , It makes you overwhelmed 、 Anxiety , It's time to clean the room , At this time, the keyboard in your hand is a rag , A pen is a mop , A book is an apron , Let's have a mental clean-up , Let the joys and sorrows of running away from home return to their place .

The ice is thousands of miles away 《 Mind writing 》 Share three ways to start writing :

1. That's true. ……

Start with these three words , Write down these three words , I know what to write , Whatever you know , And don't worry about what you know , No one judges you , Just write it down , Better be more detailed , It can be concrete things .

2. I don't know ……

This exercise makes your mind immediately different , It will make you face pressure rather than escape , This path contains the power of Association .

3. What I really want to say is ……

use “ What I really want to say is ……” perhaps “ Actually …… It's just ”“ in fact …… It is ” This sentence pattern can make you force yourself more , Let you face your heart .

These three exercises are interrelated 、 interact , Not only can you write , You can also find different ideas , See the feelings you ignore .

After that, retrieve the energy left in that time and space , These consolidated energies return to the present and continue to flow as expressions of joy and love for life , Human energy will not only increase , And will be young and rejuvenated , Finally let the past become the past .

 Heart bleeding , The editor of firewood cutting academy teaches and writes popular money for free , But I missed the opportunity because of this problem

03. Writing 、 Reading is hyperlinked to everything

People of a certain age , You need a power to reconcile with yourself , It's like the sea washing away rocks , Wear also changes the core and temperament , Make the goal clear .

Writing 、 Reading is the best way for us to connect with all things in the world .?

 Heart bleeding , The editor of firewood cutting academy teaches and writes popular money for free , But I missed the opportunity because of this problem

A person comes to this world to break through his life , Accompany yourself the longest 、 The strongest , Always be yourself . If this “ own ” Poor cultivation , Strong is also weak .

We are born alone , And writing is also a lonely thing , People's loneliness increases with time . A lot of times , He said , I forget what I'm saying to others , Or tell yourself . More time , It's more like talking to yourself , Standing alone in the corner , All the lights hit him evenly on the head . And those feelings that are not mentioned , More solemn in the dark , Represents continuity and growth , No end point .

Those words are a bright light on the dark sea , With a faint affirmation . Lost and remembered 、 Silence and echo 、 Scattered and regression , over and over , There is always light .

Those words belong to the depths of memory , Write on the water , Written in the flame , Written in ashes , Written in silence and confession . These words , They are a road sign , Marking a displaced road . Sometimes it's beautiful , Sometimes it makes people panic . It leads to the unknown forest 、 The prairie 、 The starry sky at the end of the world 、 ocean , Or the roof in the early morning fog . After the bustle , Forget about the Jianghu .

We are all taking a more far-reaching path , There are people on the road , With love and trust , Stories happen in time . The long river of time passing and running , We looked to the other side , Waiting for Sidu .

Everyone will have unspeakable pain , I want to eliminate my unspeakable pain 、 Want to swim across the shore 、 People who want to write good articles with their own aura , You can see the ice thousands of miles 《 Mind writing 》, Learn to write with your heart and let words heal your pain , Take you freely through various parallel spaces , Break through self shackles , Looking for creatures of the same frequency .

Writing has three levels , See yourself , See heaven and earth , See all living beings , We all have to go through these three stages .

A creator , Only I have seen myself , Heal yourself 、 Self reconciliation , Physical and mental health can open up the two veins of Ren du , Enter the next realm and link with all things , Write a good article with its own aura .

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