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Baijia blue V certification

2022-02-02 19:04:31 dongxiaofeng

For Baijia blue v authentication , What are the benefits in , Xiao Bian then said . In conclusion, the most eye-catching is the following rights and interests : Brand enterprise label 、 Official Blue V identification 、 Search the first display card ( Arbitrary hair 3 Bar dynamics ).

Other privileges are still gradually opening up : Post Bar official certification 、 Baidu live rights 、 Business phone show 、POI Exhibition 、 Store display 、 Content mount function 、 Fan growth tool 、 Menu material outside the chain 、 There's no commission for Du shop .

To sum up , The most important advantage for our ordinary businesses

1. Official search top function

In other words, we can lock our brand words , Compared with other brand promotion products of Baidu, it can be said that it is quite reasonable

2. The telephone number goes directly to

You can directly hang up your phone number and contact information , Can quickly transform clues

3. Hang up your own official directly network

Protect your brand and don't let other websites save money

First of all , Baidu enterprise certification is the most important and intuitive advantage , You only need to open blue V, What you can get is the position of the head page of Baidu search , Equivalent to just open Baidu , Search for your name , Your Baidu enterprise number is on the front , Including the video or graphic message you just released , Customers can see it for the first time , This flow is very considerable ! Before you change , If you want such a location, you must buy Baidu's keyword search or advertising , The starting price of opening an account alone is over ten thousand yuan , It costs several yuan to click once , Now you just need to spend every day 3 It can be done for more than one yuan ! Before that, I dare not even think about it .

second , Baidu blue v Certification just started this year , Or a vast blue ocean market , And the flow support that Baidu gives at present is very big , One is the world's largest Chinese search engine , No other search traffic support , One is the information flow resources brought by the intercommunication of its many platforms , So it's very suitable for our online marketing promotion and accurate drainage , Compared with the tiktok, there are many creators. , Baidu enterprise is like an uncultivated virgin land , So you go early , There's bound to be more to come !

Third , Baidu tiktok is different from short video platforms like jitter and Kwai. , It is a comprehensive platform , Include search 、 video 、 live broadcast 、 tieba 、 Baidu Maps 、 know 、 Baidu Encyclopedia and other applications , You only need to certify one , Everything else is open , So we are business owners , The content of creation is not limited to short videos , live broadcast , It can also be graphic 、 dynamic ( It's like a circle of friends )、 Articles, etc , You can get traffic for free everywhere , You can only see your friends when you send a circle of friends , But you sent it to Baidu , Hundreds of millions of active users can see it .

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