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Where is baijiahao Certification Center

2022-02-02 19:04:34 dongxiaofeng

For Baijia, as an important traffic aggregation “ Treasure land ”, It can provide enterprises with strong support in product publicity and brand building . With the help of this super traffic platform, we continue to expand the exposure and popularity of our products , So as to efficiently transform fans and users . that , How should enterprises carry out industry certification in baijiahao Certification Center ? The following is a brief introduction to .

First , Enterprises need to enter... In the search engine input field “ Baijia Certification Center —— Free registration ”, You can enter the Baijia Certification Center .

After clicking Register, you will have the following choices , Most of them are personal we media , Choose an individual ; If it's a business , Select enterprise , Then you will arrive at the information page , We can fill it out as required , What we should pay attention to here is , The field must be filled in , We media will choose whatever field we want to engage in .

   The name and signature should be easy to understand , Let others see you and know what you do , To achieve this goal .

   at present , The types of Baijia certification system are divided into the following types

1、 Authenticity Authentication

The so-called authenticity authentication requires the creator to complete the author's real name authentication on the baijiahao platform , Upload identity information .

2、 We media original certification

You need to get the original label and the number of fans ≥30 Authors can apply for , After opening, you can protect original articles from plagiarism , Successful authors will receive “ Good original author ” Authentication information .

3、 Interest label certification

Need the creator in the near future 90 Focus on a vertical field within days , After successful certification, you will get the certification information of experts in relevant fields

4、 Identity professional certification

Identity and professional certification is a certification method assigned by baijiahao platform for people in different industries , The creator needs to submit relevant certificates to pass the platform review , Obtain the corresponding professional identity tag .

5、 Official label certification

Official label authentication is the authentication of Baijia platform for institutional accounts . Authors who need to upload enterprise qualification and complete authenticity certification can submit an application , After passing, it will display “** Official account number ” Authentication information .

6、V authentication

V Authentication is the most valuable authentication type for creators among the hundred authentication types , The creator is required to complete the real name authentication first , Then complete the original 、 Interest in 、 occupation 、Vlog Wait for any label Authentication , And achieve 1000 fans , The credit score of Baijia is controlled at 100 The subcontractor can apply V authentication , The account with successful authentication can not only obtain “ authority V identification ”.

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